Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring Break Week

The first week of April was our Spring Break. We didn't have a trip planned so just stayed busy with local activities. 

Thomas 'helping' me with my morning workout, doing yoga this morning. 

He also likes to help me do my business posts on my IG stories page :-)

We took a trip downtown to the library one day.
 Kids had fun reading, playing, and picking out books.

Isaac participated in a spring break camp at the Nature Center on Tuesday & Thursday. This was Thursday after we dropped him off. Went for a quick little walk before heading to the Children's Museum.

Girls and Thomas playing at the children's museum and doodling in the art studio.

And a trip to the candy story after! They love picking out their own special candy. We do just a handful of whatever they pick then share each others. So they get the joy of picking their own candy. There isn't a FULL bag of candy to deal with, and they get to try different things by sharing what each one picked.

Isaac and his buddy after their nature camp:

The Sunday wrapping up spring break we were very lucky to get tickets from a guy at church for the second to last home Timberwovles game. Isaac LOVED it! He loves sports and of course has been into basketball with the March madness. The girls had a birthday party to attend so I dropped them off there, then took Isaac and Kyle downtown to the game. Let Thomas nap in the van before going to pick up the girls then headed downtown to meet up with Kyle and Isaac.

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