Thursday, February 27, 2014

Girls' Room

We had a few lingering things to finish in the girls' room so I was waiting to post until we had it all completed. We got the room painted a while ago, mid-January. Isaac got his twin bed and we moved his old crib in there at the beginning of February. The last item of business was the linen closet door which we got hung last Friday! So nice to be finished. It's pretty much ready except a chair. We are in the market for a new rocking/glider as the one that is still currently in Isaac's room is 1) not big enough for twins 2) honestly a piece of crap. I think we might have found one so maybe we'll get that purchased and moved in, in the next few weeks.

So here are the photos:

Walking into their room. Story about the paint real quick. It was originally quite a bit lighter, we were shooting for gray.... but it was looking more purple to me. So I took it back and had them add some black to it to try and knock the purple out. It worked and now it's just a tad darker than planned but that's okay we were able to work with it. Oh and a new rug which matches Isaac's and the hallway rug, just in a gray shade instead of tan.
nursery pics-1

Here's the new linen closet door! For some reason the linen closest is IN the bedroom which kinda stinks. And before it had a slide door (like the one on Isaac's closet and the girls' closet) but we wanted to avoid the sliding door because it can be a bit noisy and if we were wanting to sneak out something from the closet down the road we wanted the door to be as quiet as possible. So we just decided to put a normal swing door in. Which required painting, shaving down, and installing in the already existing frame.
nursery pics-2

Here's their room decor, I made the vinyl trees using my cutting machine (silhouette cameo). I'm happy how they turned out, although never fun to cut 7 foot long pieces of vinyl. It's a woodland theme so the trees fit nicely. We bought the second crib off craigslist (like we did with Isaac's two years ago). It's a popular crib so it was easy to find one to match. And I even got a better deal on the second crib ($60 with mattress!! Isaac's was $75 with mattress!)
nursery pics-5

Here are the three sheets I made as well:
nursery pics-6

And the felt creatures I made for their mobiles:
nursery pics-10

nursery pics-9

We originally were planning to have dark wood furniture like we had in Isaac's room. Hence the cribs and the little book shelf that is dark. But after the walls turned out darker than planned and in an effort to save as much money as possible I just decided to give the girls my dresser (most of my clothes are now in boxes which they weren't getting worn anyway - a friend was nice enough to give us an old dresser her parents were wanting to get rid of). It fits in great! And looks good with the wall color. There had been a recall on the knobs as they are made of glass and tend to shatter and cause lacerations (which happened to me a few years ago). I never followed up on the recall because it was just me using it. Since it was now going to be theirs I wanted to get the replacement knobs. After a few headaches and too many minutes on the phone we just went to Ikea. The recall was in 2009 but it was still listed on their website so they had to have knobs lying around! It was actually quite easy after waiting in line for 20 or so minutes. Got six new plastic knobs and we were on our way! We also got a white version of the same mirror that is in Isaac's room. Notice the little hedgehog on the light switch cover, my fav!
nursery pics-4

And then here's the closet, installed a new closet door and put up a second rack just like Isaac's room. It's nice to have that extra space to hang clothes especially when they are so tiny! And def going to be nice since there will be two living in this room!
nursery pics-7

We had been taking my belly photos in this room and I just got done with this week's photo when Isaac wanted his photo taken as well :-) We are all battling colds and his face is rather messy from a granola bar.
nursery pics-8

And here's my latest sequence of belly photos. Not changing too much as far as out front but getting wider on the edges.
Belly photo week 26-29

Friday, February 21, 2014

End of February Snow Storm

We got 8"-10" last night. Well starting yesterday on my drive in to work about 2:30pm. Leaving the house for work:

Leaving work early about 8:00pm:

And the snow continued through the night. In Minnesota the snow doesn't melt until 'spring'... so maybe April or May. Which means our piles of snow are getting quite large!!!! Had to take Isaac out to play in it today. Well the best 'playing' we could do.

My picking of clothes is starting to get quite slim. haha no pun intended. But I was able to put on Kyle's snow pants....With the help of a belly band: (I'll try and make my belly look not so big by making the photo a smaller size :-P

Once we got all bundled, we made our way outside. It wasn't warm by any means. Pretty windy and about 12 degrees. But Isaac really enjoyed being out in the snow!

Kyle has been amazing this winter since he is for the most part shoveling all by himself. I helped about up to mid-January (and I even did a little patch today while we were out) but I haven't been able to be much help which is expected. It kinda stinks because I don't really mind shoveling, where as Kyle HATES! it. Anyway he got up this morning to make sure there was a path to the street as a friend of mine and I were going to drive to Woodbury to hit up a baby store... but glad we didn't sounds like the highways are horrible. Getting shut down and semi's getting stuck due to ice. Safer that we just stayed home. But his efforts weren't a waste, we needed a cleared path to play and explore. 

In an effort to prevent him from knocking all the snow into the cleared sidewalk, like he was doing in the above photo, I sat him on top of the pile to play. I can't remember if I blogged about our snowman... but he's pretty much sitting on top of our snowman. Tried to get my foot in the photo for reference. My foot is on the sidewalk, I'm sitting on another huge snow pile. 

He loves "eating snow balls" 


And he enjoyed crawling around on his mound

Here's another photo where I tried to reference the amount of snow we have. The shovel is touching the sidewalk. Hard to really get perspective in photos, but we have a lot of snow!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Babies Update

We had our 28 week check up yesterday. Everything is looking good as expected. We also had an ultrasound to check on their growth.

Both growing above average still. Weighing in both about 2 lbs 11oz (estimated). They were both sitting breech, so we're really praying Baby A decided to move to head first soon! I have a few pictures to share. The ultrasound tech didn't really print off good ones, well except the two 3D ones. But she tried to get a shot of Baby A's face, but she wouldn't turn and when she did turn Baby B's leg was in her face so you really couldn't see anything.

It was pretty cramped in there so hard to get those good clear pictures like we had before. Mainly just a few parts at a time could make it on the screen and it will only get more cramped as they grow. We have another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Turn baby, turn!

She did check genders again since we had a little surprise last go round. Both are still girls :-)
Baby A girl parts:
Twin A gender female

Baby B girl parts:
Twin B gender female

Then the rest are all of Baby B. Two profile/face pics.
Twin B face

Twin B profile

Then the 3D captures of her face:
Twin B 3D 1

Twin B 3D 2

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big Boy Bed

Saturday morning (2/8/14) we met a couple to pick up this bed off craigslist. We had been looking for a darker frame to match his other furniture but this deal was too good to pass up. It's a sturdy frame in great shape and also came with a mattress and box-spring (which we are storing under the bed for now to help it not be so high), and mattress pad and a set of white sheets! All for what we would have had to pay for just a frame.

We got it put together Saturday morning, but we wanted to let him pick out sheets so he slept in the crib for nap time on Saturday. Then after nap we ran to Ikea where he picked out the green sheets; matches his room pretty well huh? This was right before bed Saturday night, he was pretty excited about his big boy bed.

We had the bed rail that we use upstairs on our bed (well we used it when he was little and plan to have it available when the babies come if needed) on his for the night but a friend ended up dropping off a smaller one that fits his bed better the next day. This rail is actually the tallest I could find out there because we needed a tall one for our tall mattress. Way to tall and rather long for his bed.

He did great his first night (and every night since actually). It was funny to watch him Sunday morning because he woke up, looked around... slowly crept his way to the end of the bed where the opening was, climbed down every so slowly... stood up in his room and looked around. Then scurried back into his bed and sat on his bed looking at the door "mama! mama!" like he did from his crib. It made us laugh upstairs as we watched him on the video monitor.

Since then he just wakes up in the morning, or from nap and just reads in his bed like he used to do in his crib. He is such a "bookies" lover that he has to have a hefty size stack of books that he sleeps with every night so there is never a book more than arms reach away from him.

Here he is reading with daddy before nap-time on Sunday.

This how he eventually fell asleep Sunday for nap-time. Holding his plastic baseball, lol. As you can see the bedrail our friend loaned us is shorter and definitely makes it easier for me to get in and out.

I had to take a photo of him sleeping during nap this day... maybe it was Monday. The numbers on the edge of the monitor are kinda in the way but you can still see how he's snoozing with both arms behind his head. 

Such a big boy now! <3 p="">

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Proud mama moment

I need to be jotting more of these down as they come along. Isaac is talking more and more and it is so cute! He has the sweetest little voice.

At dinner tonight he was eating applesauce out of the reusable pouch. Why he wouldn't let me just put it on his plate is a mystery to me but he wanted it in the pouch. He is looking down and pointing at the back of the package and says "T-O-D-A-Y" I was so impressed he just spelled the first word on the back of the package that says 'today this pouch has' (or something like that) <3

He's such a smarty pants hopefully it's all that reading paying off that he makes me do :) "bookies" ALL THE TIME. It's a good thing. He knows his letters, numbers (recognizes to 20; counts to 5), colors. And of course learning lots of new characters everyday from books. We've been reading a Charlie Brown valentine book, he picked up on "doopy" (Snoopy) right away and now knows "darly owe-n" (Charlie Brown) and "I nus" (Linus). 

He is also super cute reciting the bearnstein bear characters "mama bear, papa bear, ister bear, bu-der bear" 

Oh and I need to blog on him moving to his big boy bed!! He's doing great, he loves his bed!! 

Skyzone - trampoline play

Today we attended a toddler Tuesday playtime at a place called sky-zone. It's just a big gym filled with trampolines. Isaac LOVED it. We went with some of our local friends and they all had fun chasing and running and jumping. He wore himself out, which was the goal. Here are some photos and videos. I had to capture a lot to share with daddy since he missed out on the fun.

He finally let me take off his "yellow stripes". He was working up a sweat and his little cheeks were red.

Fun in the ball pit at the end. He was so tired he was just laying around but was giving it all he could to continue to play. I'm glad they close down at a certain time otherwise it would have been a bear getting

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