Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Babies Update

We had our 28 week check up yesterday. Everything is looking good as expected. We also had an ultrasound to check on their growth.

Both growing above average still. Weighing in both about 2 lbs 11oz (estimated). They were both sitting breech, so we're really praying Baby A decided to move to head first soon! I have a few pictures to share. The ultrasound tech didn't really print off good ones, well except the two 3D ones. But she tried to get a shot of Baby A's face, but she wouldn't turn and when she did turn Baby B's leg was in her face so you really couldn't see anything.

It was pretty cramped in there so hard to get those good clear pictures like we had before. Mainly just a few parts at a time could make it on the screen and it will only get more cramped as they grow. We have another ultrasound in 3 weeks. Turn baby, turn!

She did check genders again since we had a little surprise last go round. Both are still girls :-)
Baby A girl parts:
Twin A gender female

Baby B girl parts:
Twin B gender female

Then the rest are all of Baby B. Two profile/face pics.
Twin B face

Twin B profile

Then the 3D captures of her face:
Twin B 3D 1

Twin B 3D 2

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Such beautiful babes! Keep on cooking!

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