Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Proud mama moment

I need to be jotting more of these down as they come along. Isaac is talking more and more and it is so cute! He has the sweetest little voice.

At dinner tonight he was eating applesauce out of the reusable pouch. Why he wouldn't let me just put it on his plate is a mystery to me but he wanted it in the pouch. He is looking down and pointing at the back of the package and says "T-O-D-A-Y" I was so impressed he just spelled the first word on the back of the package that says 'today this pouch has' (or something like that) <3

He's such a smarty pants hopefully it's all that reading paying off that he makes me do :) "bookies" ALL THE TIME. It's a good thing. He knows his letters, numbers (recognizes to 20; counts to 5), colors. And of course learning lots of new characters everyday from books. We've been reading a Charlie Brown valentine book, he picked up on "doopy" (Snoopy) right away and now knows "darly owe-n" (Charlie Brown) and "I nus" (Linus). 

He is also super cute reciting the bearnstein bear characters "mama bear, papa bear, ister bear, bu-der bear" 

Oh and I need to blog on him moving to his big boy bed!! He's doing great, he loves his bed!! 

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