Friday, June 22, 2012

First bike ride

I pulled out the old' bike trailer we got a few years ago for Harpo. Aired up the tires, dusted off my bike, and went for a short ride around the block.

As far as I could tell he like it.

He enjoyed sitting in the shade while I got the bikes ready.

Let there be light!

Just installed the bathroom light fixture!!

And the walls are all painted except for around the toilet.

To do:
Rip up flooring & remove old toilet
Getting tiled installed (not us)
Install vanity/sink, new toilet, hang mirror, cabinet above toilet and towel rack, and get all the little things up: toilet paper holder, faucet in sink.
Lay base trim and door trim

Seems like a lot when I type it all out but it's coming together!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pulling up

He is growing so fast these days. Getting around good, whether that be scooting, rolling, or spinning. He's taken a few forward crawls but hasn't taken off yet. It seems he's happy with the mobility he has and is still able to get around the room without forward crawling. So lucky for us the room to room mobility hasn't started.

He is also sitting up so nicely, and can go from tummy to sitting and visa versa. Just witnessed the sitting from crawl position tonight.

The big deal today was that he pulled himself up!!! I was laying right next to him playing with him and it took my brain a minute to register thinking "wait a minute you haven't always done that!!!" lol

Sleep is good too. I haven't really been rushed to get him to 'sleep through the night' as I feel there isn't anything I need to do rather that it will just happen. And it will. Every night he starts in his crib at 7 or 8, then when he wakes up we bring him upstairs to bed with us. Well lately he's been going to 2, 4, & even 5 am in the crib!! kinda nice. Last night was a little back track since we had a late softball game.

He's also started giving us 'kisses'. More like mouth open slobers on our face, lol. But here's a pic of him givin Harpo a kiss. He loves Harpo!!

We were building and knocking down blocks today.

And he had a little fun with the basket on his head hahaha!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This week's this and that.

Just wanted to share some cute pictures from this week. Here he is standing at his block table thingy. He usually sits on my lap as we play this but I thought I'd give it a try. I was surprised he stood so well, all that jumping in the jumper has paid off!

Friday on my way out to work I had to capture him pushing up on his tippy toes. It was so cute!
morning yoga

And yesterday and today his new thing is tucking his bottom lip in... we are wondering if it has something to do with his teeth aching because he's never really done this before.
funny smile  funny smile 2

And today we had a fun afternoon sitting out by a lake while Kyle got some homework read.
sunday park 2

Isaac tried taking some of said homework:
sunday park 4

sunday park 6

He loves being outside
sunday park 7

6 months

Isaac turned 6 months last Monday!!! He is growing so fast and is developing quite the personality.
6 months-1

6 months-2

6 months-4

6 months-5

6 months-6

Here are some I captured of him playing on the floor. His new favorite thing has been to put his arms straight out like he's sky diving, lol.
floor play-1

floor play-3

floor play-5

floor play-6

And the money shot!!!
floor play-7

Grandparents visiting

Last weekend, Kyle's mom and dad came for a quick visit. Isaac had fun playing with them and of course loved getting all the attention!
grandparents visit-12

grandparents visit-4

We also got some good use of Kyle's new grill. We cooked out Hamburgers one night and steaks the next.
grandparents visit-7

Isaac also got to try his FIRST watermelon. He actually loved it. And some cottage cheese.
grandparents visit-14

He still is wondering what's up with the plastic bib
grandparents visit-15

He also had watermelon a few more times for breakfast this past week :-)
morning watermelon

morning watermelon 2

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