Thursday, January 1, 2009


We got the trim up! It looks so much better in the living room. We stained it a few days ago, we first stained it with the stain we had bought... and it really didn't match the window/door trim in there, so I tried adding some of the other stain we had and it came out perfectly! Kyle cut it today and we had it all lined up fitting in it's spot ready to head to Home Depot to rent a nail gun and decided it really looks fine the way it is and we're going to skip nailing it at this point because someday we hope to put new carpet in there and when we do, if it's nailed we'll have to destroy it. So this way we can just take it off, get carpet and then put it back on and probably nail it at that point. Here are is a before and after pictures:
living rm no trim

living rm trim

And of course Harpo had to be in the middle of all the action today!
He is so funny, last night we had a couple of friends over and he loves making new friends. We feel bad that Harpo is always trying to get in our guests face/lap and we tell them to just push him off if they bother them... but usually they end up loving it and calling him over when he's not bothering them. Harpo loves it... as if he doesn't already get enough love :0)

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