Saturday, April 20, 2019

Friday Children's Museum Trip & Yum Walk

The girls love decorating for the holidays and although we did get our Easter decor out weeks ago I didn't get the baskets and ears out until this week. They were pretending to be bunnies hopping around the house and eating carrots the other day.

Friday morning was Good Friday. Isaac had school and Kyle had to work although he thought he wasn't going to have to go in, so we decided to venture to the Children's Museum. I forgot about other schools being out so it was busy, busy.

First I had to get my workout in. Been tired this week, I had to work on Tuesday night late (working again tonight late). I have been on some meds for this ear issue I've been having so that is probably effecting things as well. Finished those up on Thursday and just have felt fatigued. Anyway so my workout was later than usual and Mr. T was awake :-) He likes to play on his little phone while I workout.

We loaded up and headed to the children's museum. Here Emma is writing in code:

Then decides to just write their names. She went to spell Mary's name and asked "What comes after the R?", thinking it was MR... then started fresh so it looks like Mr. Mary but that's not what she was going for.

Thomas in the sprouts area, then playing with the light swtiches

He loved the block worker area, which I think is super cute because this is Isaac's favorite area as well.

Had to spend some time in the Wild Kratt's exhibit again.

And finished with a visit to the Studio. Mary loves the art studio. Emma likes it too but it's def Mary's jam.

Emma not wanting to smile for me.

Headed for home, Kyle came home early from work but had a call he had to be on in the afternoon. I got Thomas down before needing to go get Isaac from Chess. Since Kyle was home I got a movie going for the girls and rode the bike to get Isaac. First time getting the bike out this year and it was so nice. Legs are sore but loved being able to ride the 10 minutes to pick him up. I think he enjoyed the ride back as well. Can't wait to do family bike rides!

We had dinner. Vegan pulled pork (made from jackfruit which tasted amazing!) and miso soup. Then we went for a walk to Yum. The kids all rode their bikes. But we've done this a few times. Love having a bakery in walking distance and a nice little after dinner treat. The walk and the dessert :-)

The kids rode their bikes some more when we got home. The street was cleared of cars from the street cleaning that took place earlier in the day so it was nice to have the whole street without parked cars. Mary is doing so well on her two wheels. Emma is next to graduate from training wheels. Once Mary no longer needs assistance we'll move on to helping Emma.

This photo is from Wednesday at Thomas's ECFE class :-) 

DIY Project - Mason Jar Organizer

I love DIY'ing and fitting in crafty projects when I have the time. We were running into an issue with toothbrushes and storage in the kids bathroom. We've discussed maybe evening getting a double sink in there some day to maximize the open space and fit the needs of four occupants better. But for now we will settle with a little bit of storage. 

I had all the materials already except for the clamps. I painted the spare board, drilled the circle clamps in and put their names on each of the mason jars.

Got it drilled into the wall and it works out GREAT! Not completely even, did the measurements with all four kids circling around me, I'm just glad I finished it in one day, haha.

MoM State Workshop

I have been president of my MoMs Club this year. (Mother's of Multiples) And last weekend was our annual state workshop with MoM clubs from all over the state. The theme was 'glamping' and we stayed at a local hotel. So fun to get out and celebrate with other moms. 

Super fun dancing late into the evening on Friday. Saturday was filled with early morning Yoga, breakout session where I heard from the author of this book about teaching our kids financial wisdom, purse bingo, and hearing from a great comedian key note speaker. Our club is hosting the workshop in TWO years so it'll be busy busy helping plan this great event.

Crazy how it only took 24 hours away to miss my kiddos, haha. I met up with them all at the Mall of America since I had a voucher that needed to be redeemed that weekend. We had dinner and the kids got to explore the mirror maze:

Once home the kids were pushing back bedtime by playing with their bubba gump fish boats and the art toys the girls made at the first day of art class they attended earlier that day.

Sunday we went to church and the girls made these in sunday school. Emma's is a portrait of the whole family. And Mary wrote out Simpson so nice!

Our drive to and from church is through a gorgeous wooded area and I'm always looking for deer. We were almost home and the kids were starting to argue, I said "look out the window for deer" And sure enough 2 seconds later we spot one! Right behind there is Jones Harrison which is right at the end of our street. He was so close to the road just calm and relaxed munching on... well not grass since it's snow covered haha. 

Second week of April

Thomas watching the garbage trucks from our room window

Trip to Costco, girls snacking on lunch. They were sharing the acai bowl which is what I was attempting to capture, but Mary was ready to move on to her pizza as I went to snap a photo.

The girls' little school bus was suppose to get worked on over spring break, but I guess it was taking longer than expected so the week after spring break there was no bus service... which meant I had to load EVERYONE up to get pick them up after preschool. We stopped in at Isle Bun & Coffee for a little treat after school on Tuesday. It was fun just being together and listening to these goof nuts.

Wednesday we got a huge snow storm. Yes April 10th, happens almost every year around this time. This was as I dropped the girls off at school. Kyle came home early so I was lucky that I didn't have to load everyone up to go get the girls. THEN school was cancelled so no one had school on Thursday.

I FINALLY took a photo of Thomas with his blocks. I've been slacking on getting them lately, so got one in before the big 2 year photos in July. He is such a sweetheart. Such a joy to our family, everyone loves him and he is such a big helper. He wants to do what everyone is doing and it's crazy how fast he picks up on things watching his three big sibling.

As you see he is never lacking in love from his sisters. Soaking in the kisses from both sides on a costco run :-) And as you see in the above photo he wanted one of his feet toes painted. We were painting the girls toes and he came over. Sat still for one foot then was done and didn't want the other. lol.

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