Friday, November 24, 2017

Preschool Field Trip

Last week I was so thankful to get to go with the girls on a field trip. They don't typically go to school on Wednesdays but if a parent could attend, they were invited to go with the Wednesday class. I had a friend watch Thomas and we got to go! They were SOOO excited to get to ride in a bus, for the first time! And there were quite a few of their friends from class attend as well. 

Mary is beaming.

I sat with Mary and Emma was pretty proud to be getting to sit with Teacher Karen.

We went to a little spot called Imagination Theater. It was just a room, where we all sat on the floor to watch a cute little production.

It was a puppet production under black lights and was pretty cool. The lady came out ahead of time to clarify "Puppets aren't real. Puppets are controlled by puppeteers" (I used to be a puppeteer, :-P )

It was a story about emotions, each butterfly fairy was a different emotion. It was pretty cute with songs. As soon as it was over Emma said she wanted to come back tomorrow.

We rode the bus back. The girls had a great trip!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dad and Brad's VIsit

As I mentioned in my Halloween post, my brother and dad came up for a quick visit during the week. They got to meet Thomas for the first time and it was my brother's first time seeing our new house. 


Thursday we went to Mall of America and rode a few rides. It was good to have my brother there because a couple of rides the girls needed 'chaperones'. So I rode with Mary and Brad rode with Emma. They had lots of fun! We were using an old ticket band from 2015, lol! Still has a few left too.

Isaac is big enough to do more rides on his own but as a family he's gonna have to wait a little while. Hard to let him go and not the girls. They got to ride the train by themselves. After the above ride Emma wasn't happy to go without me but once I convinced her that it wouldn't be as fast as the first ride she was all for it.

Emma sat out on this one, by this time I was wearing Thomas so it was good that she wasn't wanting to ride it.

The girls did brave this one by themselves, and liked it. I was a little nervous Emma wasn't going to tolerate it but she did.

Emma was too short to do the bumper cars :-( but it was actually okay cuz Isaac and Mary couldn't really figure out driving them as well and weren't too thrilled with it. Took them the whole time to get the hang of it then by the time they did the time was up. 

They were visiting in the middle of Isaac's read-a-thon, so there was LOTS of reading being done. Glad Brad and Dad were able to help out with the minutes of reading we needed to fit into the day.

Before they headed out Friday morning, dad gave each of the kids a fidget spinner. Isaac was so excited! He had seen one before at a friend's house, once. He has really enjoyed playing with it. The girls too, but we've had to take theirs away a few times because Emma keeps chewing on it and Mary keeps throwing it.... 

Halloween 2017

The kids had a fun night of trick-or-treating. We got all dressed up and waited for it to get dark enough to hit the neighborhood. 

We went to our next door neighbor's first and ran into some other kids from down the street. Isaac was pretty excited to bump into them and we ended up hitting the rest of the houses with them. Isaac says his favorite part was 'the halloween playdate'.

It's been fun getting to know our neighbors and before Isaac was in school we didn't realize there were so many kids on our street! The girls have a buddy just down our alley that they played soccer with and is also in their preschool class. We bumped into them too and hit a couple house. I just did one line of houses before the cold got to me and Thomas and I headed back home. 

A house two doors down goes all out for Halloween. They have a movie playing out side (at this time it was Charlie Brown something), a bomb fire and lots of decoration. We heard many kids hit our house and say "Let's go to the TV house!" 

My dad and brother were visiting, so it was nice having someone man the front door while we all went out with the kids. Kyle and my brother, Brad, stayed with the kids while I came back to see my dad. He had dressed up as Santa to pass out candy. I over heard a neighbor kid say "Why did they hire santa?" it was cute. 

Mary came back shortly after I did. It was pretty cold and she isn't as into candy as Emma is. Emma probably would have gone all night, she loved it. Once Isaac and Emma made it home I couldn't believe how full their candy buckets were!!! Candy lasted about a week, well allowing a few pieces here and there til Mary's bucket was empty. Then it 'went away', oh the whining and begging for candy drove me NUTS! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October Odds & Ends

Isaac had his first school photo! 

We also started a 12 day read-a-thon for his school. Isaac set a goal of reading 30 minutes a day. Some of it he is doing and some of it I am reading to him (or Kyle). Last night he completed most of his minutes reading to his sisters.  Thomas likes to read with us.

We celebrated Harpo's 11th birthday on Thursday this past week. The kids were pretty excited it was his birthday and enjoyed giving him treats.

Some cute pictures of Thomas from this past week. 

He's my babywearing buddy. He loves to be close.

We had our FIRST snow of the season on Friday, October 27th. Emma kept saying "let's go play in the snow!" lol. Well there wasn't that much to play in. They actually went outside today and she got to 'play' in some of it. haha

These were from this morning before I had to go into work.

He's thinking about rolling over, had his body cocked to one side almost there! Eyeing that duck!

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