Friday, October 4, 2019

Twins Day at Target Field 2019

Sunday September 8th was our annual Twins Day at the Twin's game. We have been going for SIX years. This year was extra special knowing it would be our last for a while.

Kyle and Isaac hit up the driving range that morning before it was time to leave the game. It was nice and dry for them before it started to rain. Isaac likes golfing with Kyle, they don't get to do it very often. 

We headed to the game early for the twin pre-game parade. It was raining and we weren't sure it was going to take place. We parked in a nearby lot and came in at an entrance we'd never seen before. There was this cool bat MLB art on the wall. (Thomas wants out...)

We made it around to the parade start and discovered it'd been cancelled. So we had some time to kill before the game and wanted to eat. We stood in the restaurant forever before taking a spot that opened up. 

But luckily we got a spot and ordered some food waiting for the rain to pass. 

Bloody Mary while we wait, why yes, please. 

The rain ended up stopping just in time for the start of the game. No delay in the start time. We found our seats, which I requested to be further back so we were in shade, turns out that's a good thing for rain too because our seats were dry. 

Love this city :-) <3 p="">

Thomas did so good at the game granted it was right during nap time. He loved it. It was his third game! 

Rally cap time toward the end, we were hoping for a comback. 

They did end up doing the parade at the end of the game so we rushed down to join the twins. 

They also got to run the bases which is usually done after games but we don't usually stick around since we do the pre-game parade. The kids thought that was pretty cool getting to run around them. (Thomas stayed with us)

Another great year, we will really miss this tradition next year. It seems like a lot of the annual things we do are getting rained on. Maybe that's God being sad along side us for leaving. The state fair was rainy, this was rainy, as you'll see in a future blog the Washburn Games we did this past weekend was rainy, my Run Like a Girl event was rainy... interesting.  

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wichita... that's in Kansas.

I picked up shifts at the hospital for labor day a few month ago. We weren't planning anything and I thought I could help out since they needed coverage. Well as the end of August approached we realized we might be needing to make a trip to Wichita, I had attempted to get someone to pick up my shifts, even willing to PAY someone... but as it stood no one was willing to help me out. 

Kyle had a job opportunity that was presented to him this summer and as the end of August approached it looked like it was going to be a solid possibility but before accepting anything and making it official we wanted to visit Wichita. I had never been, he had for work many times but not really toured the area. So as a last minute attempt to check out the city we decided to drive down through the night leaving immediately after the kids open house Wednesday night. Had I not had to work that weekend we could have made a long weekend out of it... even Wednesday night I was still hopeful someone would pick up. 

For the open house we got to meet the kids' teachers and they got to see their classrooms and seating assignments. 

We left the open house and headed south. The kids were 'excited' to get to sleep in the car, haha. Tucked in for the night:

We arrived in Kansas about 2 am:

Kyle had a couple interviews, they were going to be done on the phone but since we were there he just went into the office. They were suppose to be Friday which would have been nice so it coudl be after an actual night of sleep, but they ended up being Thursday. So I did most of the driving so he could get some rest since he needed to be presentable. We did stop somewhere off the turnpike to get a couple hours of sleep... but since we were stopped all the kids woke up and it was difficult to get some sleep. Kyle got his best sleep from about 4am-6am while I drove the rest of the way. 

We arrived at sunrise and drove around the neighborhood we had houses lined up to look at later that morning. We were meeting a realtor at 9am to view seven houses. 

We had time to kill, decided to go get breakfast, while waiting for breakfast to open we drove by the hotel we were staying at Thursday night, check in wasn't until 3pm. 

We had dinner at this little place I had heard of called Doo Dah Diner

It was good, typical southern-ish style breakfast with biscuits and gravy. I had a somewhat healthy omelet. Unfortunately they still use Styrofoam... something that has been banned in the city of Minneapolis. I plan to make some letters to officials in hopes maybe Wichita too can see how Styrofoam harms our environment. 

We spent the morning viewing houses which gave us a better feel for the area we are looking and experience what the housing market is like. 

Then we were able to check in early so Kyle could shower and prep for his interviews. He headed into the office (trying to be stealth like so people wouldn't know he was there) While he was gone we went for a swim and a walk. Actually this was before all that while I took Harpo to potty while Kyle got ready: 

Yes even the dog was with us :-) It was a totally last minute trip... well a few days in the planning but no enough planning for Harpo to go to his buddy's house. 

Guess what the kids favorite part of Wichita was...?? Swimming in the hotel pool. Yup we could have done that without ever leaving our city, lol. 

After swimming I talked the kids into going for a walk. Problem was it was HOT! And they complained... the entire time. 

We walked across the street to some waterfalls

Then walked back along the Arkansas river to the hotel. Had to run in the sun because Emma was melting, lol. 

Kyle got back from his interview and we went out to eat with a friend from College who lives in the area now. It was so great to reconnect with her and chat about Wichita. Dinner was really good too... It was called: Meddy's 

After that we drove over to see the Keeper of the Plains. This was probably my favorite part:

We were all exhausted and ready for sleep in real beds. The next morning we enjoyed the hot breakfast at the hotel.. .Thomas is obsessed with elevators: 

Drove by these people rappelling off this building for some reason. 

We went back to view one of the houses we'd seen the day before for a second time. After that we went back to the hotel, picked up harpo then grabbed some lunch at this trendy place downtown with food trucks. They have these little keeper statues all over the city in various places, much like our Peanut Statues here in the Twin Cities. So that was fun. There were three at the food truck park. 

They also have statues throughout downtown. Thomas liked this one, lol

We did a little more driving around just looking at stuff. Stopped for donuts at this place before heading out of town. 

No one had picked up my shift so it was time to head back so I could get to work at 8:30 on Saturday morning. We spent a grand total of 33 hours in Wichita over the course of two days... heading home about 3:00 on Friday. We stopped off the turnpike to view the overlook... flat, flat plains! 

Not sure who even reads this, but you may be wondering if we're moving. Yes, yes we are...

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