Monday, June 1, 2020

This Mom Needs a Run (& Chickens)

Saturday May 9th, I took part in a virtual 5K run. I had gathered a few other friends all over the country and we ran a 5K in our neighborhoods at the same time. We had a zoom call before we started to say hello and connect, then set off for our run. It was fun! It was good to run, I hadn't ran in preparation like I had hoped but I finished and did it and THAT'S what matters! I did laps around our block so I could say hi to the kids as I passed. 

That afternoon we checked out a few farm supply stores as we prepared to get chickens. My brother was mailing his icubator and I had found a lady to buy eggs from. We picked up a couple items but really just wanted to get a feel for what we were getting into.

We went out to eat way out east near the farm store. This was our FIRST TIME out to eat since end of February! Pretty exciting. 

Kyle captured this photo that night before bed. Since the girls birthday was Sunday on Mother's Day, I wasn't really getting a Mother's Day this year. 

Roses and Flyover

Wednesday May 6th there was a flyover to honor the health care workers. We were outside looking at the roses and I had completely forgot about the flyover when our neighbors were walking down the sidewalk looking to see if they could see the places. About 3 minutes later we saw three or four fly right over us. GOOD timing! 


Mary coloring our MASSIVE coloring sheet of the state of Minnesota. 

That night I went to Target to get some supplies for the girls birthday. I couldn't believe how their shelves were still so bare. 

Isaac playing with his marble run that week. 


Friday, May 29, 2020

Tanganyika Wildlife Park - COVID Phase 1

May 4th, Monday was also the start of Phase 1 in the COVID Safe at Home order. Which meant things were OPENING! YAH! We had bought a season pass to Tanganyika Wildlife Park at the beginning of March when they had a sale, not knowing they'd be shut down for over a month before we could visit. They opened with restrictions, none of the interactions or experiences were open and we had to reserve a time slot to visit. They were open to season pass holders only. It was a little cloudy, but it felt great to get out of the house. We were only there for about 45 minutes, time to walk around and see everything. Lots of various animals. This is a privately owned facility, it was kinda odd... kinda like we were in the backyard of some rich person enjoying their private pets. It was nice, the landscape was nice, the cages seemed small.

Kids started off in masks but it didn't last long, and there weren't many people there so we were easily social distancing. 

May 5th:

School asked for photos of the kids for a teacher appreciation video: 


Working on sight words at home. 

Nature walk scavenger hunt

Oreo homemade ice cream:

Bathing these two :-P 

Bike Ride and Star Wars Day

Sunday May 3rd we went for a family bike ride. Stopping at a playground, then Kyle went the rest of the way to pick up lunch from Jimmy Johns (across the street from the hospital) It felt good to get out. Even though the park was 'closed'. We weren't there long, just to enjoy lunch then biked back home. 

Monday May 4th, being Star Wars day "May the 4th be with you" Called for a moving night of watching the next Star Wars, We are 5 movies into it. 

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