Thursday, February 2, 2017

Baby Number Four Belly Pics

As I was saying before when I attempted this earlier, it's been a while since I blogged and wanted to give you the latest updates and share my fruit belly pictures.

We are expecting number four! Due toward the end of July, so you know me, could be an August baby, who knows!

And since it's our last baby I figured I could go all out on announcements and use up all my ideas :-) I used the fitness one to post in my challenge group a month or so ago and the TShirt I made and wore to our friendsgiving we held a couple weeks ago.  

I started taking photos roughly end of December. 
Size of a pea:
Size of a blueberry: 

Then we had our ultrasound on December 29th and discovered we were about 3 weeks farther along than we thought. Which is in line with an early date when we thought we were pregnant but then I thought I got my period, but it appears that wasn't so. AND we received confirmation that there was just ONE in there. :-) However they did find "large anechoic structure with internal debris, suggesting subchorionic hemorrhage" which would have explained the bleeding I had around 5(7) weeks. And possibly the large bleeding I had around 4 weeks when I thought I had my period. However there is other speculation. The ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring 37.3mm from crown to rump and the hemorrhage was 3.8cm. I have since heard it's little heart beat two times at follow up prenatal visits at 12 weeks and 15 weeks. Hopefully when we have our mid-pregnancy ultrasound we will see that the hematoma has resolved itself. 
Here's some pictures of our fourth little peanut:

Had to adjust my belly photo dating to match with the new estimated due date. 
Size of a strawberry:
Size of a lime:

Size of a lemon:
Size of a peach:
Size of an orange:

Mary likes to pat the baby, saying "she is sleeping"

Isaac being a goofball and photo bombing my belly pic! haha!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

And this is why...

Well hello there blog world! Long time no see. Blogging has been becoming difficult because the apps I was using from my phone are such a pain to use and our basement sits at about 54 degrees so not really somewhere I look forward to spending any time. But I thought it time I probably get to posting.

Well nevermind! I hear little footsteps which means my girls are up from nap. I will attempt this another time. :-)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve night we got dressed up and headed to church.
Christmas Eve-18 merry christmas

I tried to get some photos of the kids before we left, but Emma had just been woken up from nap and was not the happiest of campers.
Christmas Eve-2

Christmas Eve-4

Church was fun, they had coloring sheets for the kids, Mary would shout out her name everytime "Mary" was spoken.

Emma was really into the music. 

After church we found the ONE place that was open on Christmas Eve. Well maybe not the only one, but pretty much the only pizza place or something we were wanting to eat. This place has GREAT pizza, all organic, local.

So we attempted photos again after church when everyone was in a much better mood
Christmas Eve-7

Christmas Eve-8

Christmas Eve-10

Christmas Eve-13

We set some cookies out for Santa, read the Night Before Christmas and got everyone into bed (rather late). Harpo stayed up to meet Santa.
Christmas Eve-22

Christmas morning came and the kids were excited to dig into their presents. I had cooked an egg bake breakfast in the crock-pot, but Kyle and I were mainly the ones to eat that. We were able to get some into the girls via spoon feeding while they continued to explore their toys.

I decided to do the interval shooting like last year and had that set up the night before. Not the happiest with the location, but maybe I'll mess around with it next year. I didn't take too much time on it this year. There were a total of 379 photos so I had them flip through a little faster this year so it's not too long. Here's the video I made with Window's Movie Maker.

Didn't get too many separate photos of present opening.

Mary and her beloved popcorn, pretty much all they ate for two days. And you can hear Isaac in the background talking to Alexa... (our new Echo)

On Monday we went to the mall to look for a few things. We picked up some batteries for Isaac's new track. It was our lucky day because we got them free from Brookstone. The woman said "Lucky you they are ringing up as $0.00 for some reason, have a nice day" Okay then.
christmas 2016 interval-379

Santa Land Visit 2016

Thursday, December 22nd we headed downtown to see the Santa Land set up on the 8th floor of Macy's. Macy's announced they were shutting down or selling so I think everyone was in a tizzy thinking this was the last year of Santa Land. That was never announced so who knows, maybe the next owners will head it up next year. Anyway, with that being said it was SOOO much more crowded than previous years when we've gone and enjoyed practically the whole place to ourselves. Our other mistake was waiting too long to go, we should have gone before Christmas week. Anyway so we had to wait in a nice LOOOONNNNGGGG line, which is really fun with two 2.5 year olds not contained in a stroller. 

They enjoyed their rare freedom. 

We finally made it to the front of the line and had to hit the bathrooms before going in to see the displays (which is the same as all the other years we've seen it, but the kids are a different age so it's all new to them)

We made it through the 'Day in the Life of an Elf' and there was a spot to write Santa a letter. We did not bother with the line to see Santa since we got to see him a few weeks prior at our realtor's holiday event. 

This photo is from then: lol

So the kids sat down to write Santa a letter. Here's Mary refusing to move from the middle of the walking isle. 

Isaac and Emma getting started.

Eventually did get Mary moved out of the way. 

Time to mail the letter!

Isaac's says: Dinosaur Bones and books. 

It was a fun, festive night. We finished it off with driving to see Christmas lights on the way home. 
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