Friday, September 24, 2021

Thomas starts PreSchool

 Thomas's first day of preschool was September 1st. He's going to the same preschool he attended last year, we loved it. And we're doing the same set up with Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. Just 2.5 hours which fly by! And then on Thursday he's doing another program, same location but different teachers that is CDO (Children's Day Out) He gets to bring his lunch on Thursday and stays for 4 hours. Kyle and I like to try and get a date lunch in on these days. :-) 

2nd Full Week of School (and end of August)

Sunday August 22nd our church had a End of Summer Splash Down party. We drove about 15-20 minutes to a local camp for a pool party and picnic. It was a super hot day so great for the pool!

Monday August 23rd was the start to a crazy two weeks. Started off somewhat low key with Thomas's teacher visit for preschool. He got to meet his new teacher and I got to see his room. However he had woken that morning with an incredible swollen penis. I had hoped maybe it was just a too soaked diaper from overnight because he had a LOT of pee, or maybe too much time in the chlorine pool the day before?? We weren't sure but were hopeful it would go down on it's own. He was pretty chill and quiet so I knew it was bothering him but otherwise didn't complain of pain. 

Then I got a call from the school nurse that Isaac had tripped in PE and hit his head on the stage causing a laceration. Nurse had me come in to decide if he needed further care. I looked at it and yes he needed to get some staples put in. Thing about my previous work in and ER is I have seen hundreds of these types of lacerations so have my own opinions from prior experience as to whether or not something should be done or not. I was able to take him into a neighborhood clinic (the same clinic our neighbor works at - the same doc that put staples in Thomas's head last year we just got to meet his partner in practice this time since he was out of office)

That didn't take long and I actually had Isaac back to school before lunch. Thankfully I was able to leave Thomas at home watching shows since Kyle was working from home. 

That evening was a restaurant night to support our elementary school. I am actually chairperson for the restaurant night fundraisers so we will be participating in all of them :-D This one was at Jason's Deli and to our surprise they have free ice cream in their dining room! Super fun! Kyle had a work thing so he wasn't with us and we ate early because Isaac had football practice. Kids were being goofy, they are getting along better being back in school and having some time apart. Girls especially :) 

The next day Thomas's penis was still crazy swollen and getting worse so I scheduled a pediatric appointment that afternoon, well we couldn't get in til 1:00. Turns out he had a chigger bite on his penis and that was what caused the huge reaction! She gave us some Claritin to take for the next three days, told us to pick up Benadryl for night time and then prescribed two ointments one an antibiotic, the other a steroid. She recommended spending as much time in a pool as possible, but if we didn't have one a bath would be fine. So we went home and did another soak (We had soaked that morning and the night before as well). While Thomas was in the tub I got ANOTHER call from school that Mary had a fever! It was 102. They were able to do a covid test at school before I picked her up. It was a rapid test and she was negative. Brought her home and she rested. 

Her fever ended up dropping and she didn't spike again so we were hopeful she could return on Thursday, being fever free for 24 hours. 

Thursday morning came and she started to have an awful croupy cough. UH OH We thought maybe this IS turning into covid :-/ So we decided to get her tested again, I made an appointment at our pediatrician for Friday. No one else was feeling ill and we had that one negative test already so everyone else went to school. They did the PCR test so we had the weekend to wait on results. I had a friend who's daughter was ill, testing negative, then same thing developed a cough and ended up testing positive. I was afraid we were headed down the same path. Problem it even if it's not covid it's still a virus and still sucks being sick. There it just the headache of quarantines to deal with if covid is in the mix. Kind of a double standard in my opinion. 

Saturday mornign came and Isaac and I volunteered to help out his football team with a fundraising event. We took the early shift to get it out of the way before the heat of the day. We were both feeling well and by being there first thing had almost no exposure to anyone else. Lots of just standing around and being there if needed. 

The girls had a challenge that if they could fill up 100% of their chore chart they could earn a new LOL doll. Well after a week of not making it, this week they did it! Even with Mary being ill she got all her tasks done! She didn't come to the store with me and Emma, but we faceted with her and picked out what she wanted. Girls had fun opening and playing with their new toys. 

Monday came around and we still hadn't heard about Mary's results yet. 
Isaac had a follow up to get his staples out (oh he had to sit out from football practice all week the prior week because of the staples in his head. He could run drills but they had started contact and learning to tackle and he couldn't participate with the metal in his head). We went in and he got his staples out, then we got the call that Mary's test was negative so I took Emma to school. At this point Isaac started getting the sore throat and crummy feeling. He didn't have a fever but he stayed home anyway, and missed that week of football. Isaac and Thomas started to get ill Monday, then Emma claimed she didn't feel well Tuesday so she stayed home. Mary was fully better and went back to school Tuesday, so the week started off with only one going at a time. Since Isaac and Emma stayed home they needed to have a negative test before being able to return to school. Emma was NOT sick, her little tiny sore throat ended up being nothing but we were back to the pediatrician on Tuesday for both of them to get tested. People were on the mend, there were no fevers so Wednesday EVERYONE went back to school, hallelujah! Then yup, I got the illness starting Wednesday evening into Thursday. Thursday I was thankful everyone was in school because I was down and out the entire day. Had to cancel my yoga class I teach on Thursday nights and spend the day on the couch. There was never really a fever, fever... but it was elevated to about 99 or so. Still felt super crummy, not really head congestion but sore throat, needed to cough but it hurt to cough and just weak all over. UGH what a crappy two weeks. 

We had plans to head to Springfield for Labor Day weekend but with the way the past two weeks were there was no preparation for the trip. We did end up going, left right after the kids got out of school on Friday night. I'll post about that separately. 


Thursday, September 23, 2021

First Half of August Random


The Saturday after we got back from our trip we did a YMCA's Parent Night Out. Dropped the kids off for swimming and pizza and Kyle and I had a date night. We hit another Escape Room. This one was the Under Pressure one. 

I had a race I'd signed up for to take place September 11th and had been trying to swim regularly... well goal was once a week.. this was second week of August, Mary woke up bright and early and came with me. This was probably the only time I swam in August, oops, well one of two maybe. Needless to say I didn't train for the race as I had planned. Then ended up getting sick and was pretty weak for the race (swim and run - not a triathlon). 

Getting in some fun time before school started. Making glitter, color changing slime. The glue changes color when it hits sunlight, so that was fun. 

Thomas and neighbor friend, Rosti, playing some bean bags. :-) 

Saturday August 14th we finally made it to Mark Arts. Which is an art gallery that is never open when Kyle and I want to go alone. They had a family day so we attended to check out the gallery. They also offered a yoga session. In the hot hot sun, lol. Mary did it with me and did pretty well for being 30 minutes and straight sunlight. 

Game time with the boys. 

The kids had all won free mini-golf coupons for their summer reading challenge at the library. So that Saturday evening we got in a round of 18 holes. 


Finished the day off with some Andy's. 

Sunday August 15th we went to the zoo. Took a ride on the tram. 

This didn't last long, but was curious if I could put a leash on the chickens, lol. I had come across Harpo's old harness... it WORKED, Bernadette didn't like it, lol. 

Monday, August 16th we made a 1:1 trip to Exploration place, just me and Thomas since the kids were back in school. 

And since the kids are in school we were able to have some alone time to work on an art project he got for his birthday. :-) 

Isaac's Football

 Isaac's dream of playing tackle football has finally come true! We signed him up last spring but they didn't  have enough for a league so they combined it with the flag football. So we signed up for fall ball. Got the call while we were in South Carolina for what team he was going to be on. I had a phone conversation with the coach and boy does it seem serious. It is the real deal and hard core. The coach had just got a list of boys from the city but his team had already been practicing for 2 weeks Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday -AND Thursday... once school started they would drop the Wednesday night practice. So Isaac had some catching up to do. They were to wear white shirts and black shorts for practice and it would be another week or so before they started contact.

Isaac's first night was intense. As you can see in the photo above he had some learning to do... first off how to stand in the line, lol. He has never had a REAL practice and conditioning like this before and it was HOT! He ended up coming home and throwing up all over the back entry way. We talked about what real football looks like and if he want to play he's going. to have to put in the work. The next morning he was up and dressed in his practice outfit ready for the next night of practice, lol. So I guess you could say the throwing up didn't bother him. 

2nd night getting fitted for pads and a helmet. 

Lots of pushup happen. They are hard core, but fair. You don't listen: pushups. You don't follow directions: pushups. 

Here's some video from those first few weeks of practice: 

Week 1 

Week 2

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