Wednesday, July 20, 2022

May 22nd Wichita Wind Surge Game

The big kids all earned a ticket to the baseball game for a reading program they did at school. We got to see our neighbors the Yaghmai's there too. 

The school age kids all got to do a parade on the field before the game started. We waited and watched.

Here comes Isaac:

And the girls:

They also got a hot dog after the parade.

Playtime before the game.

Then had to feed Thomas since he was hungry from not getting a hot dog :-P 

Watched some of the game from the stands, then went to sit on the field and the kids ran around with their friends from school. 


End of May Recap

I made the kids post cards to hand out with our address so they could stay in touch with their friends. I had a good pic of Isaac and Mary but needed one of Emma so snapped this after school. 

Thomas and I enjoying our last few days of alone time in Kansas before the move. Made a trip to this store to pick up this Shirt :-P Kyle liked it too so I went back and got him one as well. 


We had some drone play at the Keeper before going in to Exploration Place. We watched the science show. 

LOTS of playtime with our neighbors before the move. So sad to leave them and so sad we didn't meet sooner, this family moved in the fall following covid and it took a bit to get to know each other but the kids loved playing the last month we lived there. 

Last day of soccer for Emma and Thomas's team that Isaac and I coached. It was a chilly day but a fun season.

More playtime at the neighbors!


Ice cream!

Four trips to Costco for our new couch. 


Using up any remaining punch cards to places (Bubble Tea below from ICTea)

Barnes and Nobel trip for Isaac to use up a few gift cards he had collected.

Took one last run around College Hill.

Mary all fancy for church. We sure do miss that church - we loved it!

Neighbors OVER! More popsicles.

Memorial Day meal with our neighbors, Beryl cooked a lot of the food and we grilled out chicken, burgers, and hot dogs at Amy's. Rained on us a little toward the end but we still had fun. 

Using up more free meals - this time coupons at Chick-fil-a

Movers showed up MONDAY!!!! May 30th Memorial Day. A day early! It was just the driver and his rider, the packing/moving crew would come the next day on Tuesday. They did some packing to get a head start but only a couple hours. 

Out of the house for the packers so Harpo came with us to Home Depot.

Lunch at NuWay, Mary's choice. 

Harpo getting his nails trimmed before the big move. Loved this vet office, they were great with our cranky old man.

More dinners at Amy's, so thankful for all her help in letting the kids come play so we could pack and prepare for the move. 

Isaac's last game, May 31st.

He got a HIT!


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