Friday, June 21, 2024

June 15th-21st

Saturday morning while I went for a long bike ride, Kyle got out on his kayak and went fishing. 

Got back from my bike and did a quick run with Oakley at race pace which is faster than he's used too, lol wore him out!

Saturday morning Isaac had his finally tournament game where they took home first place JUST before the rain started to pour down. If they would have lost they would have played another game shortly after so it was great they won!

Saturday night we all went out to the movies. Loved Inside Out 2!

Sunday morning run... after ALL the rain so much flooding. 

Tuesday morning view on my way to swim. 

ANNNNNDDD Isaac is getting taller than me!

And pics of Oakley 

Tuesday, June 18th we went to Valley Fair after Isaac's football camp. It was a great day because it wasn't too hot/sunny, but it was muggy and on the verge or rain all day. There weren't many people there so lines were nice and short. 

Made for a tiring day, but Mary's softball and Emma's soccer ended up gettin cancelled due to threat of rain and a tornado watch. Isaac's baseball game still happened. It works out well because Kyle was traveling and getting everyone there would have been difficult. 

Race week, Thursday I rode to swim. 

Thursday evening Emma had a soccer game, Mary had a softball game then we finished with a late baseball game for Isaac. 

Check out my orchid!!! I saw a video about taking it out of it's pot and putting it in a jar of water and viola it works! First time I have ever had new blooms on an orchid plant. 

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

June 1st to 14th

Saturday after our GOTR 5K we stopped at the library. 

Then went out for lunch and stopped to say hi to my friend Sandy at the Edina art fair. She makes chalk mandalas!

That afternoon was yard work followed by date night. 

Tuesday was opening day for outdoor swimming. I'm swimming with a group of masters at the SLP aquatic center. 

Thursday June 6th I woke up with a headache so skipped swimming and postponed a run, which I did after I dropped Isaac off at football camp. Fun to run in a new area. 

Just before lunchtime I walked with the girls' grade to the sculpture garden. 

Busy productive Thursday! Took Oakley for a bath. 

That evening Emma had soccer, Mary had a softball game and Isaac had a baseball game. Divide and conquer. 

Friday morning, Oakley got a nice long walk: 


I went school to help with a popsicle salute to a couple of amazing teachers that are retiring. 

Saturday was the beach opener party at our neighborhood beach. (Yes Mary is wearing my pants, lol)

The girls went to a women's soccer game with a friend as their birthday present from her. They had a fun time!

I've been starting to run with Oakley, he loves it!

Sunday June 9th

Monday June 10

Tuesday was fun... swimming in the rain! It actually was quite nice, getting out was the hard part. 

Also ducks and doughnuts that morning. 

Wild goose chase searching for blue Stanley cups, did this for teacher gifts. 

Finally LAST day of school for the 3 littles! Friday June 14th. 


Took advantage of the final day of school and got out on the paddle board! Second time this summer and with Oakley again. He did better. Only fell in about 40 minutes in, but then the 50 minute mark on our way back to the dock he was DONE and ready to be off. Isaac met me at the dock to take him because he was ready to run on dry land. 


Got the board back to the house and Mary got home with her friend who was staying the night and they wanted to go out so loaded them both back up and walked back down to the lake. 


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