Thursday, June 20, 2024

Memorial Day Weekend Adventure (May 25-26)

When we realized we had no games/activities on Memorial Day weekend we decided to book a one night stay at a hotel in Fargo. We hadn't been to North Dakota yet and wanted to mark that state off our list. Well we didn't really piece together that it was two days after Oakley had been neutered, oops. It was good thought because the car ride kept him inactive and having some relax pills helped too. We loaded up for the one night stay. 

Stopped at a HORRIBLE restaurant called Zorbaz in Alexandria... besides having a patio by the lake and allowing dogs on the patio, would NOT recommend. 

Then we stopped at Lake Carlos State Park for a quick hike to capture the hiking club password. Oakley's first hike! (and first patio experience - he's about to experience a LOT of firsts this weekend)



Kids worn out, trekked onward to Fargo. 

We made it!


Found a spot for dinner

Then swimming in the pool. 

Sunday we left the hotel and went back into Minnesota to Buffalo River State Park, round 2 of hiking. 

Turns out Mary left her watch at the hotel so we went the half hour back to the hotel to pick it up, grabbed some Starbucks and a pup cup for Oakley then headed home, it's a 3.5 hour drive. 

We made some stops along the way... like to see this GIANT  pheasant or prairie chicken. 

And a giant otter:



That's about it for our one night getaway. Prob don't need to ever go back to Fargo, lol. Not too much to see there! Oakley did great on his first road trip and hotel stay. 

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