Sunday, March 11, 2018

Playing around the house

This was Wednesday of this past week. Capturing the kids just playing around. Thomas is 8 months old, the girls are a few months to turning 4 and Isaac is 6.
March 7th playtime-2

March 7th playtime-3

March 7th playtime-4

March 7th playtime-5

March 7th playtime-6

March 7th playtime-10

March 7th playtime-11

March 7th playtime-12

He wants to stand:
March 7th playtime-13

March 7th playtime-15

March 7th playtime-16

Isaac Lost His First Tooth

On Isaac's 100 day of school, he woke up to a missing tooth. This first photo was the night before just at bedtime. When he woke up he said it had fallen down below him in bed.

Thomas 7 and 8 months

Well it looks like I didn't get Thomas's seven month photos blogged. And now here we are at eight months so I'll just do them both :-)
thomas 7  months-9

thomas 7  months-8

thomas 7  months-4

7 months! The nights are long, but I know it’s just a phase. Getting as much snuggles in as I can. He loves his siblings and loves to laugh at them. He’s scootching around and sitting up all on his own. And he LOVES food. I think his favorite thing all day is sitting with us at the dinner table. 💙

A couple Friday's ago we met up with our friend, Renee, she was our postpartum doula. It was so great to visit with her and for her to get some baby Thomas time in.

Showing off his stair climbing skills. He tries to speed up the main steps but I usually don't let him get more than a couple up then bring him back down. He's mastered these though and loves to go into the bathroom and tap on the scale to make the light come on.

Sweaty hugs after mom's workout.

He got to experience eating out a couple weekends ago. Munching on some eggs with the help of Emma.

More selfie's with mama :-)

The kids are in swimming lessons again and Thomas even got to go in the first day. It was a lot of work getting him dressed and in and then back out and changed. We probably won't be doing that again, haha. Not worth all the effort. He did like it but it was just like a big bathtub to him.

The girls were pretty excited to have him sit with them for about 48 seconds.

He's such a happy baby! Love him!

And FOOD! He LOVES food!

He's a big fan of bathtime too!

This was last weeks swim class, he was sleepy!

He slept a solid 12 hours Tuesday evening!

This sweet boy is 8 months old (yesterday)! He is the light of our life right now and growing way too fast. He wants to keep up with his big siblings and is all about the gross motor skills; bear crawling, trying to stand, climbing stairs, and cruising on furniture 😫 no way slow down!! He LOVES food, and I mean love, like eating us out of house and home 😂 with food comes lots of 💩 He is a great sleeper, however last night was a different story 😴 He is your typical easy going, go-with-the-flow fourth baby and I love him to pieces. I love his snuggles and sloppy kisses. I recommend fourth babies to anyone 😍

thomas 8  months-2

And tonight taking a bath with big brother, giving him sloppy kisses.

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