Thursday, April 14, 2011

First splash of color

That was so fast for these little guys to bloom. They're calling for some snow this weekend :-( I sure hope that doesn't hurt my buds/blooms.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring's arrival

I've been meaning to get out and get some pictures of my sprouting bulbs. I first noticed a few sprouts April 2nd, and ever since then they just keep growing.

Here's the back group of tulips starting to pop up. These are old bulbs that have been there a few years:
back old bulbs

And these are my back bulbs I planted last fall, I just put a whole bunch together because I wanted more, MORE :-P
back bulbs

Here's the front bed at a distance (pardon the flaky concrete)
front flower bed
From what I remember, in the front bed, I have a mixture of tulips, hyacinths, & hopefully those are daffodils making an appearance.

I can't remember all the new things I planted last fall... but when I first planted a group of bulbs the first fall (or maybe it was the second fall) anyway NONE of the daffodils I planted came up... so I think I might have planted more last fall as a second attempt. Looks like they're working!
front bulbs

And what will most likely be my photo of the week, my early bloomers:
the Hyacinth
15/52 hyacinth

Monday, April 11, 2011

1st Annual Goldy Run

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Saturday we got up bright and early for me to run the Goldy Run 5K. Boy was it an early 5K of the season! Since I'd been busy with training and working extra days (daytime days on top of that!) I didn't really get any 'practicing' in. I did run last Monday, indoors on the treadmill for a bit, then I ran around Calhoun on Wednesday, the first actually 5K attempt with some walking. Then Saturday I actually RAN the whole thing! It felt good to get the running season underway!
start of the race

The Goldy Run (Goldy after the Golden Gophers, still lost? University of Minnesota :-P ) was held at TCF Bank Stadium (where the UofM football team plays). We started out on the street and ran loops throughout campus, then ended up inside of the stadium with our faces on the MegaTron as we crossed the finish line.
me finishing

Kyle didn't run with me, but he was there to cheer me on (and take pictures).
inside stadium

The run benefited University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital... WHERE I WORK! And so a few of us Child Life Specialists signed up and 'ran' together. We started together, but we all had different paces :-)
CFL group

It was a fun morning, I love runs!

weeks 12 & 13

We finally got to crack open our first homebrewed beer! It's funny how each bottled tasted differently. Kyle said the first bottle he tasted was one of the last ones that was bottled and that the bottles that were filled in the beginning tasted much better.
12/52 opening the first beer

Our snow is finally melting! This is the heap that is on our back deck.
13/52 melting snow

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photo 10/52

My 10th photo of the year comes from our bottling beer experience!

big bottles

Photo 10/52
I choose this photo for this week because I like the dynamics of the bottles! We spent a lot of time searching for big bottles of beer to purchase so we could reuse them to store our own beer. That front bottle is my favorite because of it's unique shape.

Melting Snow

I was taking some pictures with my phone and posting them on facebook with our snow melting progress. I thought I'd bring them all together and post them here.

March 18th we started to notice the snow melting a little bit
March 18

March 21st it's melting even more
March 21

Then March 23rd it snowed again and made everything white!

April 4th it's almost all gone!!!
April 4

Now all that we have are some piles in the shade and of course the HUGE piles in various parking lots. Our backyard still has about 6 inches or so left where the sun never hits.
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