Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring's arrival

I've been meaning to get out and get some pictures of my sprouting bulbs. I first noticed a few sprouts April 2nd, and ever since then they just keep growing.

Here's the back group of tulips starting to pop up. These are old bulbs that have been there a few years:
back old bulbs

And these are my back bulbs I planted last fall, I just put a whole bunch together because I wanted more, MORE :-P
back bulbs

Here's the front bed at a distance (pardon the flaky concrete)
front flower bed
From what I remember, in the front bed, I have a mixture of tulips, hyacinths, & hopefully those are daffodils making an appearance.

I can't remember all the new things I planted last fall... but when I first planted a group of bulbs the first fall (or maybe it was the second fall) anyway NONE of the daffodils I planted came up... so I think I might have planted more last fall as a second attempt. Looks like they're working!
front bulbs

And what will most likely be my photo of the week, my early bloomers:
the Hyacinth
15/52 hyacinth

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