Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Pool

I set up a baby pool game if anyone is interested in guessing when baby boy simpson will arrive :-) I have my own two estimates, but they are purely on preference of dates, lol!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project 52 {weeks 38-42}

Week 38:
photo (1)
I took this photo with my phone. I was at work one evening and it was rather slow, so some friends and I pulled out the little ultrasound machine to take a look at baby boy! He's got the cutest little pointy nose :-) And his hand is resting on his chest. It took us 30 minutes to locate the face, lol.

Week 39:
39 chipmunk wm
This little chipmunk was right outside our front door. There is a little family that lives in our neighbors bush. He was so cute with his full little cheeks!

Week 40:
40 Marathon
Last year was the first year we watched the Twin Cities marathon. This year we had a friend running and I was looking forward to watching the runners! We went to two different spots. This was at the 23 miles marker on Summit Ave in St. Paul. There's our friend Zack running along.

Week 41:
41 baby shower pumpkins
For one of my baby shower's my lovely host, Rachel, made a cute little pumpkin sign that reads 'Baby Boy'

Week 42:
42 flower
My mom was in town visiting for the weekend. We took an evening stroll around the Sculpture Garden. This was a beautiful dahlia, really the only color left in the park.

Mom's Visit

My mom came to visit this past weekend. We had a nice time running around to craft stores, hitting up a baby consignment sale, attending a Baby Expo fair, going to the Sculpture Garden, eating lots of food, and even taking Harpo to the dog park that goes down to the Mississippi River.

Here we are at the Sculpture Garden:
daisy mom sculpture garden

daisy kyle sculpture garden

There wasn't much color left, but we did manage to find a little pop in these dahlias:

Here's happy Harpo at the dog park! He LOVES running around!
harpo happy dog park

And me and my mom down by the river:
daisy mom dog park
I just look fat in the above picture, you can't really tell I'm pregnant... :-(

And of course Harpo couldn't end the day without playing in the leaves
harpo dog park

Basement FINAL update!!!

Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!! The basement is complete. It's been finished for two weeks actually, the contractors finished up on October 5th (that was the last day they were here) doing some last minute odds and ends. Kyle and I have taken our time to get our part finished, although as my last post mentioned we finished the trim Oct 4th, but since then we painted the banister, handrail, and last night we painted the walls over all the touch ups that were fixed from cabinet & carpet install. I've been using the space for a while, since my desk was moved down here at the end of September. We plan to get a TV soon, a deep freezer to put in the unfinished storage area probably next month, and then finish off with the mini-fridge the month after that. Here are the final pictures!!!

Oct18_11 final

Oct18_11 final 2

Oct18_11 final 9

Oct18_11 final 4

The bathroom:
Oct18_11 final 5

Oct18_11 final 6

The bar:
Oct18_11 final 7

My nook (gesh it already looks cluttered) :-/
Oct18_11 final 8

And here is a slideshow I put together with clippings throughout the project!! (hopefully it works)
Erg I can't get it to work...

Here is the direct link to the slide show, maybe this will work: http://www.flickr.com//photos/dpksh/sets/72157627924353096/show/

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basement Trim & Upstairs Door Trim

Remember many moons ago... back in June I believe when we installed new interior doors? Well we finally got the trim on all the doors tonight!!!
upstairs door trim

Also, last Tuesday I hung the baby's closet door! Yes all by myself :-P
baby room closet

Last Tuesday evening is also when we started on the base trim in the basement, we got about half the basement done. Over in my office nook so we could push the desk back against the wall and around to where the trim started.
Sept27_11 trim

Tonight, like I said, we hung the upstairs door trim and finished off the two doors in the basement. Here's the top of the stair door trim:
Oct4_11 trim 1

And here's a view of the bar and bathroom, trying to get as much view of trim in one shot as I could.
Oct4_11 trim 2

We are SOOO close to being finished. The contractor is coming tomorrow to patch up some spots and nicks in the wall and finish up a few odds and ends. What we have left:

-paint the banister and white touch ups on the trim
-paint the wall touch ups
-put together our new TV stand
-move the bar stuff (beer brewing, drink glasses, etc) into the bar cabinets downstairs

Hip-hip-hooray!! I'll post some overall pictures once we have all the little stuff finished. I think we plan to start painting the banister rails tomorrow.

Basement Update: almost to the end

I haven't given a basement update lately, just because well nothing too exciting has happened. I guess the last update was the carpet. Since then we moved some furniture downstairs (friends came over to help) and Kyle got some trim up (I helped with the long pieces)

I took these pictures a week ago, but it shows a few updates that they did.

Got the door frame made at the top of the stairs
Sept28_11 top of stairs frame

Got the banister rails up
Sept28_11 banister rails

Got the doors hung (you can see some of the trim we put up on the swing door to the storage)
Sept28_11 doors

We've been busy doing our part (painting & trim) and I'll update that later tonight as we are working on it as we speak! Yesterday I cleaned out the dining room so we have that space back and today I worked on the guest room!!! It's coming together. Now that things are back in order and we have space to walk we just need to do a nice deep cleaning.

Ummm changes?

I just realized Blogger changed it's layout... so my blog will be a little wacky it looks like. I will work on this another time... too busy cleaning house and finishing up basement. So please pardon the plainness of my blog for a week or so.
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