Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basement Update: almost to the end

I haven't given a basement update lately, just because well nothing too exciting has happened. I guess the last update was the carpet. Since then we moved some furniture downstairs (friends came over to help) and Kyle got some trim up (I helped with the long pieces)

I took these pictures a week ago, but it shows a few updates that they did.

Got the door frame made at the top of the stairs
Sept28_11 top of stairs frame

Got the banister rails up
Sept28_11 banister rails

Got the doors hung (you can see some of the trim we put up on the swing door to the storage)
Sept28_11 doors

We've been busy doing our part (painting & trim) and I'll update that later tonight as we are working on it as we speak! Yesterday I cleaned out the dining room so we have that space back and today I worked on the guest room!!! It's coming together. Now that things are back in order and we have space to walk we just need to do a nice deep cleaning.

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