Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basement FINAL update!!!

Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!! The basement is complete. It's been finished for two weeks actually, the contractors finished up on October 5th (that was the last day they were here) doing some last minute odds and ends. Kyle and I have taken our time to get our part finished, although as my last post mentioned we finished the trim Oct 4th, but since then we painted the banister, handrail, and last night we painted the walls over all the touch ups that were fixed from cabinet & carpet install. I've been using the space for a while, since my desk was moved down here at the end of September. We plan to get a TV soon, a deep freezer to put in the unfinished storage area probably next month, and then finish off with the mini-fridge the month after that. Here are the final pictures!!!

Oct18_11 final

Oct18_11 final 2

Oct18_11 final 9

Oct18_11 final 4

The bathroom:
Oct18_11 final 5

Oct18_11 final 6

The bar:
Oct18_11 final 7

My nook (gesh it already looks cluttered) :-/
Oct18_11 final 8

And here is a slideshow I put together with clippings throughout the project!! (hopefully it works)
Erg I can't get it to work...

Here is the direct link to the slide show, maybe this will work: http://www.flickr.com//photos/dpksh/sets/72157627924353096/show/

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