Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"I will not! I refuse to....

turn my heat on!!" It's not even October yet. Well it will be tomorrow, but I have been saying this since Sunday.

045 city railroad
This weekend drew the big line between Summer and Fall/Winter. I love fall... don't get me wrong. But when the cold weather starts it means something in addition to fall being here - Winter is coming.

I don't wanna shut the windows - which I already did, but I haven't shut all the storms, maybe there is still a chance I can open them again.
I don't wanna put plastic on the windows.
I don't wanna pull out the space heaters.
I don't wanna put my sandles away.
I don't wanna pull my sweaters out - already done this too :-(

AND I don't wanna start shoveling snow.. not yet anyway.

Okay now that I got that out maybe I can continue to enjoy fall :-) it is my favorite time of year... I think I am just in shock because it got chilly over night.
044 canopy trees

I have been looking forward to this happening...
043 blooming bushes
our front bushes blooming.
**Sorry it's a little blurry, it's been REALLY windy here!! And of course I didn't realize it was blurry til a few days later when I actually looked at it**

If you remember we planted them in May. You can read about it here. Boy have they GROWN! It wasn't until I was going to pick up my mom at the airport, 2 weeks ago, that I saw the first little white bloom popping out. Now they are blossoming in white!

Speaking of plants, we had a frost advisory last night so we pulled in our house plant. And will probably get some mulch/leaves around our new plants in the coming weeks.

PS: I realize the first picture has nothing to do with this blog entry... but I wanted to share it anyway :-) It was my picture of the day yesterday and I am rather fond of it.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What week is this again?

OH Week SIX :-P
Week 06 blogsize

I'm doing good so far, haven't missed a day ::knock on wood:: It's getting colder up here... which will soon mean less time outside. In a way that's good because it's encouraging me to get out more and get some pictures before it's too cold, but also bad because 'What am I going to do when I'm stuck inside'. My goal for this week (week 7 coming up) is to try and get all the shots outside.

Enough about next week, here was this past week's summary:

#36: Giraffe: While my mom was visiting we went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. This was one of my favorite shots just because giraffes are such interesting creatures. Well zoo animals in general are interesting creatures.

#37: Knitted scarf: A few pictures ago I photographed this scarf in the making. Here is the finished product. The pattern was called waterfall scarf and I 'reversed knit' the whole thing, then in the binding I dropped four stitches and pulled apart those four rows to give it the look it has.

#38: Poodle Skirt Lucy: I had always seen the Peanut's Characters around the Twin Cities, but something made me want to photograph as many as I could find. So this ended up being the picture of my day and will probably be like some more pictures of my day in the future. This is Lucy with a poodle skirt on. She was located just East of Lake Calhoun, actually in the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun, in someone's front yard.

#39: Bronze Lucy and Schroeder: I am on a continuous peanut search and since I've already used one of the colored peanut characters in this week, I decided to choose one of the bronze statues for this day. On this day I had driven all around St. Paul searching for the peanuts, I ended up with eleven. Not counting the three bronze ones I got at Rice Park in downtown St. Paul. There are a few more in this park, but I choose to not worry about them that day since they are permanent displays, and I plan to go back with Kyle sometime to get the rest.

#40: 110th of World Beer Tour: About 20 months ago Kyle and I started a world beer tour at Old Chicago. We were given a card that was swiped each time we had a beer (up to 4 in one day was all that was allowed) and at each 10 or 15 beer milestone we'd get a prize: t-shirt, bottle opener, coffee mug, hats, coolers, etc. Well this day we finally made it! 110 BEERS! Our final prize was a sweatshirt and our name emblazoned on the 'Wall of Foam'. So our names will be on the wall of the Uptown Old Chicago... forever... ahh we're so proud ;-)

#41: Imagination Linus: My friend told me about a Linus character that was located in an elementary school she used to work at. All the Peanuts Characters have these little labels on them, that I also try to capture if it's visible while I am out on a 'Peanut Hunt'.

#42: Shine, Charlie Brown: This day was consumed by another 'Peanut Hunt' so it's only natural that my picture of the day would be a Charlie Brown. This was is located in downtown Minneapolis, across from the Star Tribune (our newspaper) building. I had a partner for this search, Kyle was the driver :-)

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I need your vote

Here's the scoop: I want to change my blog address to match the title of my blog. And I want it to be pretty permament so I'm turning to YOU readers. Here are some options for my current title:




or changing my title completely matching one of these:



What are your thoughts? I need your input... YOU are the readers. I'll leave the voting open for a week to try and capture as many readers as possible. I know your out there just not sure who you are so please don't be shy to leave a comment and share your ideas or even just your favorite choice from above. I even made it easy by giving the choices letters. Have another cool idea for a title that is not listed here? Share it I'm open for new ideas.

As I always say: thanks for reading!! :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New look

So what do you think?

Do you like the new blog look?

I'm going to try and change my banner every once in a while to add some variety in my life and I thought the fall colors would be good for the season :-)

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Peanuts Update

My collection has grown since I last posted!!
Imagination Linus

And I've been updating the page as I go: My Twin Cities Peanut Characters Blog

So I don't drive you all insane with Peanuts I'll try and just give you an update once I've added enough to make it worth your while to check it out again. Otherwise I'll just keep adding as I go. This is going to be a continuous project as there are hundreds of these things and no clue where they all are since they were auctioned off.

My latest one to discover was found today and I am SUPER excited about it!  I had posted a note on facebook asking minnesotans to help me out and then I've also asked around work. My co-worker Jolene, thought of this one. It is located in an elementary school she used to work at... I would have NEVER found this one if it wasn't for her so I'm super excited she remembered it. It's also pretty unique, I haven't seen any pictures of it around the internet. Linus is supposed to be an Albert Einstein look alike, I'm guessing. And the woodstock on top was so cute!
Imagination Woodstock

Every Statue has a little label that I have also been capturing.
Imagination Linus Label

On some of the outside statues, this label has worn off. But when it's there I'm getting a shot of it and then using the name to label my pictures. So some of the ones with out 'quotatoin' marks around them are just named from what they appear to be. Otherwise I'm trying to label them & using their 'official' name. :-)

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MMmm Food

After our afternoon trip to the Zoo & Conservatory our stomach's were rumbling... should we eat here... or there... or maybe here...

Well we ended up deciding on an old favorite in Uptown. Mainly because of the outdoor alley seating that is fun and unique.
amazing thailand patio web

Amazing Thailand's the name.
I got my usual Tom Kha Soup, while Kyle got a variety of stir fry, like always. Mom's dish was the fun one:
pineapple fried rice web

Pineapple Fried Rice

MMM it was delish and very nice looking as well :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY

Well really I didn't see any lions... or bears... BUT I did see a TIGER :-)

While my mom was visiting we went to the Como Zoo & Conservatory. I'd been once before, but places like this are fun to go to again and again. Animals are so fascinating to watch! And plants too... um, yeah, plants are fun to watch too ;-) 

conservatory pond
First we made our way through my mom's favorite part, the Conservatory... where we saw lots of plants, flowers, ferns, palms, locked up bonsai, and a Japanese garden.
sunken garden

daisy mom como cropped

plant reflection

lily pads and dome

Then we headed on into the zoo, where we watched the ducks and flamingos:

And then the giraffe's for a while, there was a mama and a baby that were too cute. Giraffe's are such amazing creatures, with their LONG necks and their LONG legs. I love their beautiful spots
mama and baby giraffe

and their weird pointy little furry horn type thingys.
giraffe head B&W

This is a giraffe's drinking fountain, hee hee:
giraffe drinking fountain

On our way out we couldn't resist stopping to watch the orangutan's. There was a little family, looked like mom, dad, and baby.
orangutan family

Oh the baby was so cute I just wanted to squeeze him :-)  "don't hug the animals"
baby orangutan lock

Mom and Dad were watching the baby play down below and climb around, he was a clumsy little feller.
baby orangutan

It was like the parents just sat back and watched. Kept their distance, but you could tell they were keeping an eye on the little booger. We later noticed a bigger orangutan off to the side. The baby started to wonder of near it, which the bigger of the two parents (so we'll say the Dad) went over right behind the baby. He never went and took the baby away, but he stayed at a close distance following the baby as he got closer and closer to the bigger orangutan. The other orangutan eventually made his way inside and at this point the dad grabbed the baby's hand and brought him inside
orangutan hand in hand

I'm not sure what the meaning for all that was because then the dad went back over with the mom and sat down, while mom continued to pick through his hair and over in the corner we saw the baby orangutan come right back outside and wonder back over near his parents. It's just so amazing to watch these intelligent creatures interact and really I have no idea what they're doing.... but I'm sure they know....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Corner Book Store

midafternoon nap
So after taking my mum to the Farmer's Market, she also got to experience a little bit of our doggie fun. There was a 'Woofstock' going on in a little neighborhood not too far from our house. They had booths set up and offered dog washes. Mainly just a place for dogs to get out and socialize. Of course Harpo LOVED it! But we also discovered a few other things while wondering this little neighborhood called Linden Hills.

A children's bookstore called Wild Rumpus.
big door

I loved that they had a big door... and a little door....
little door
**Sorry to whoever's behind that is... but it fully explains the use of the little door :-)

My favorite part was probably the cat taking a nap in the window! I wasn't sure if it was real until I got in real close and realized it was breathing... what a position!
035 bookstore display cat

We also discovered a little coffee shop, where mom and Kyle got some iced coffee and noticed a bag of coffee beans for $400!!! WOW that's some nice coffee! I wasn't as impressed because one of the workers wasn't very nice and kept giving me mean looks... I won't go back.
coffee machine
When I took this picture he snarled "that's just for your personal use, correct?" I said yes... BUT if you want I can give it to you and you can sell it, muahahaha!!

I also found a cute little yarn store!  We found so much, and we're always in that neighborhood getting Sebastian Joe's ice cream. Oh the things you discover when you walk around the corner.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Market, to market

mlps farmers market
While my mom was visiting, we took her to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. She was expecting some small little market where we'd look at a few pieces of fruits and vegetables...

instead she found out it's a pretty hoppin' place for a Saturday morning. People everywhere!
peppers and beans

veggie stand

And more than just produce.
home grown flowers

Ahh it's Fall!
fall items

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Twin Cities Peanut Characters

So after some research I have a better understanding of the whole ordeal...
There are many Peanut's Characters located around the Twin Cities... there is no 'official' list of where they are because after they were showcased in various projects from 2000-2003 they were then auctioned off to whoever, wherever. My goal: trying to find as many as I can and listing them here. So if any other nut, like me, wants to know where to find them - I have somewhat of a start. So please, feel free to list other locations in the comments if you have seen on somewhere.

Charles Schulz
He was born in Minneapolis to a barber and a homemaker. He lived above his father's barber shop at 164 Snelling Ave. in St. Paul. He had a black and white pointer dog named Spike, which became the inspiration for Snoopy. In 1947 his first comics were submitted to St. Paul's Pioneer Press.
In 1951 he moved to Colorado Springs, CO for a short while. Then when he was 36 he moved to Sebastopol, California with his family and had his first studio there. There is a museum now in Santa Rosa, CA in honor of him.
Resources: Article: Charlie Brown Hometown, Wikipedia Charles M Schulz,

Peanuts Character Sculpture Project
It began in 2000, 101 five-foot-tall Snoopy statues were placed throughout St. Paul to honor Charles Schulz, they called it Peanuts on Parade. Shortly after, in 2001, more statues were displayed at the Mall of America for a summer exhibit called Charlie Brown Around Town. There were three more exhibits held at the Mall of America - in 2002: Looking for Lucy, in 2003: Linus Blankets St. Paul, in 2004: DogHouse Days of Summer. All the statues were auctioned off at the end of each summer and can still be found in various places around the Twin Cities. There is a permanent display of bronze statues at Landmark Plaza in downtown St. Paul.
There were:
111 - Snoopys
103 - Charlie Browns (List from before they were auctioned off)
109 - Lucys (Pre-Auction List)
91 - Linus (List from summer project)
104 - Snoopy Dog Houses (List of originals)
Resources: Wikipedia TC Comic Artists, Wikipedia Peanuts, Project Snoopy, Press Release Article, Daves Peanuts on Parade, Looking for Lucy Pictures, Charlie Brown Around Town Pictures, Linus Blankets St. Paul Pictures, For the Love of Lucy, Flickr Groups: Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown Around Town album, Charlie Brown Around Town Auction, Information Center in St. Paul, Peanuts Tribute

Flying snoopy and me web hocky snoopy house web performer lucy web snoopy with corndog web
1) 4-20-09: 'The North Star Flying Ace' Snoopy: Minneapolis Airport, Lindbergh Terminal
2) 9-05-09: Hockey Snoopy on house: 846 Grand Ave W, St. Paul
3) 9-06-09: 'Super Star Lucy': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
4) 9-06-09: 'State Fair Snoopy': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul

snoopy and woodstock web poodle skirt lucy web violin charlie web Sew Much Love Linus
5) 9-06-09: Snoopy and Woodstock on house: State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
6) 9-22-09: 'Little Darlin' Lucy': 3022 E. Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis
7) 9-22-09: 'Concerto Charlie': 7210 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park - House of Note
8) 9-23-09: 'Sew Much Love' Linus: 688 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul

Slapshot Snoopy Carlitos Brown Linus de Nuestra Community Nurse Lucy
9) 9-23-09: 'Slapshot' Snoopy: 800 Snelling Ave S., St. Paul: Inside Charles M. Schulz Highland Arena
10) 9-23-09: 'Carlitos Brown': 407 Wabasha St., St. Paul
11) 9-23-09: 'Linus de Nuestra Community': 175 Cesar Chavez St., St. Paul
12) 9-23-09: 'Lucy Barton': 176 Robert St. S., St. Paul - American Red Cross

Dog Gone Green Snoopy House Hamburger house Snoopy Life is a bowl full of Chocolate Linus Sweeten Up Lucy
13) 9-23-09: 'Dog Gone Green' Snoopy House: 76 Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul
14) 9-23-09: Hamburger Snoopy House: 33 7th Pl W., St. Paul - Wild Tymes Bar and Grill
15) 9-23-09: 'Life is a bowl of Chocolate' Linus: 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland
16) 9-23-09: 'Sweeten Up Lucy': 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland

Candy House Snoopy & Woodstock German Lucy Imagination Linus Shine, Charlie Brown
17) 9-23-09: Candy House Snoopy and Woodstock: 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland
18) 9-23-09: 'Mein Liebchen Lucy': 70 7th St. W., St. Paul
19) 9-25-09: 'Imagination' Linus: 12000 S. Diamond Lake Rd., Dayton: Inside Dayton Elementary School
20) 9-26-09: 'Shine, Charlie Brown': 412 Portland Ave., Minneapolis

Extra! Extra! Lucy Reaching Out to Communities Lucy Mr Soapy Charlie Brown Swede Dreams of Home Snoopy
21) 9-26-09: 'Extra! Extra!' Lucy: 420 Portland Ave., Minneapolis
22) 9-26-09: 'Reaching Out to Communities' Lucy: 750 W. American Blvd., Bloomington - REI (as of Fall 2012, no longer there)
23) 9-26-09: 'Mr. Soapy' Charlie Brown: 750 W. American Blvd., Bloomington - REI (as of Fall 2012, no longer there)
24) 9-26-09: 'Swede Dreams of Home' Snoopy: 8000 Ikea Way, Bloomington - Ikea

UofM Snoopy Super Linus Lucy Goes for the Gold Patriot Linus
25) 10-1-09: University of Minnesota Snoopy: 2017 W. Buford Ave., St. Paul; Inside UofM St. Paul campus Student Center
26) 10-1-09: 'Super Linus to the Rescue': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills
27) 10-1-09: 'Lucy Goes for the Gold': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills
28) 10-1-09: 'Patriot Linus': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills

Patchwork Snoopy Good Grief! I'm a part of Minnesota History Lucy in Love Dr Linus's Medicine Show
29) 10-1-09: 'Patchwork Snoopy': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
30) 10-1-09: 'Good Grief! I'm a Part of Minnesota History!': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
31) 10-1-09: 'Lucy in Love': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
32) 10-1-09: 'Dr. Linus's Medicine Show': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy

Good to go after my nap Babyface Snoopy Dog in Training Snoopys Park Court
33) 10-1-09: 'Good to go... After my Nap': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
34) 10-1-09: 'Babyface Snoopy': 215 Wabasha St. S., St. Paul - Wabasha Street Caves
35) 10-1-09: 'Dog in Training': 214 4th St. E., St. Paul - St. Paul Union Depot
36) 10-1-09: 'Snoopys Park Court': 194 Summit Ave., St. Paul - across from Cathedral of St. Paul

Home Sibley Home It was a dark and stormy night Patient Puppy Lucille
37) 10-10-09: 'Home Sibley Home': 1311 W 7th St. St. Paul
38) 10-11-09: 'It was a dark and stormy night': 2041 Ford Parkway, St. Paul - in front of Half Priced Books
39) 10-11-09: 'Patient Puppy': 1140 Grand Ave., St. Paul - in front of Grand Ave Vet Center
40) 10-15-09: 'Lucille': 2450 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis - in front of UofM Hospital Riverside West Bldg Entrance

CEO Lucy Its a love connection Charlie Brown Pharmacist Lucy Seeking Philanthropy My Dear Watson Linus
41) 10-15-09: 'Lucy, CEO': 500 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis - Courtyard of UofM Medical Center
42) 10-15-09: 'It's a Love Connection, Charlie Brown!': 500 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis - InsideLobby of UofM Med Ctr
43) 10-15-09: 'Pharmacist Lucy': 515 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis - Inside Tunnel between Moos Tower and Weaver-Densford Hall
44) 10-15-09: 'Seeking Philanthropy My Dear Watson': 222 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis - InsideAndersen Library

traveling snoopy Snoopy as 1939 St Paul Saint your pint, sir {linus} Sparky's Neighborhood {snoopy house}
45) 11-08-09: Traveling Snoopy: Minneapolis Airport - Near Gate C12
46) 05-06-10: Snoopy as 1939 St. Paul Saint: Midway Stadium, St. Paul (Saints Field)
47) 07-06-10: 'Your Pint, Sir' Linus: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
48) 07-06-10: 'Sparky's Neighborhood' Snoopy House: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank

lucky lucy Family Barber Shop {charlie brown} Quilting Linus remember, restore, rejoice charlie brown
49) 07-06-10: 'Lucky Lucy': 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
50) 07-06-10: 'Family Barber Shop' Charlie Brown: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
51) 07-11-10: 'Quilting Linus': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
52) 08-14-10: 'Remember, Restore, Rejoice' Charlie Brown: 2866 White Bear Ave. N., Maplewood - Premier Bank

bound to be linus snoopy and eagle woodstock youre the life of the party chuck Linus Stops the Puck
53) 08-14-10: 'Bound to be Linus': 2866 White Bear Ave. N., Maplewood - Premier Bank
54) 08-22-10: Fishing Snoopy and Eagle Woodstock: 971 Sibley Memorial Hwy., Lilydale (StPaul)
55) 09-07-10: 'You're the Life of the Party, Chuck': 2107 W 76th St., Richfield - Inside Best Buy Headquarters
56) 01-29-11: 'Linus Stops the Puck': Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN - Inside on level 1

cold feet, warm thoughts snoopy theres no space like home snoopy state fair 2013-61

57) 04-22-11: 'Cold Feet, Warm Thoughts': Minneapolis Airport Terminal 2 (Humphrey), in front of gate H3
58) 11-30-12: 'There's No Space Like Home': Minnesota Children's Museum, 10 7th Street West, St. Paul
59) 08-26-13: Farmer Charlie: State Fair Grounds in Little Farm Hands exhibit

Untitled Untitled

60) 07-21-15: Lucy: in front of residential housing near 26th St and Inglewood in St Louis Park
61) 07-21-15: Snoopy on house: in front of residential housing near 28th St. and Inglewood in St. Louis Park

Ones I have yet to photograph:
Rice Park - Bronze set
Lobby of Hotel in St. Paul ??
White Bear Lake ??
Bronze Charlie Southwest of Science Museum - St. Paul
Sleepy Eye, MN - front of Dyckman Free Library
7th Street & Lafayette, St Paul
US Bank Bldg St Paul ??
St John's Hospital - Oakdale, MN ??
Linders Nursery Roseville

Aware of in 2014:
Off Hwy 7 in Minnetonka- in front of Ace Hardware
A few inside of Best Buy business building (not available to the public)
Girl Scout Office in W St. Paul

All images are copyright of Daisy Simpson. It is unlawful and illegal to copy, scan, alter or edit the images in any way. This depreciates the photos value as well as my reputation, I take great care in capturing and editing each image and they are each important to me. Thank you for respecting my passion and my copyright.