Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"I will not! I refuse to....

turn my heat on!!" It's not even October yet. Well it will be tomorrow, but I have been saying this since Sunday.

045 city railroad
This weekend drew the big line between Summer and Fall/Winter. I love fall... don't get me wrong. But when the cold weather starts it means something in addition to fall being here - Winter is coming.

I don't wanna shut the windows - which I already did, but I haven't shut all the storms, maybe there is still a chance I can open them again.
I don't wanna put plastic on the windows.
I don't wanna pull out the space heaters.
I don't wanna put my sandles away.
I don't wanna pull my sweaters out - already done this too :-(

AND I don't wanna start shoveling snow.. not yet anyway.

Okay now that I got that out maybe I can continue to enjoy fall :-) it is my favorite time of year... I think I am just in shock because it got chilly over night.
044 canopy trees

I have been looking forward to this happening...
043 blooming bushes
our front bushes blooming.
**Sorry it's a little blurry, it's been REALLY windy here!! And of course I didn't realize it was blurry til a few days later when I actually looked at it**

If you remember we planted them in May. You can read about it here. Boy have they GROWN! It wasn't until I was going to pick up my mom at the airport, 2 weeks ago, that I saw the first little white bloom popping out. Now they are blossoming in white!

Speaking of plants, we had a frost advisory last night so we pulled in our house plant. And will probably get some mulch/leaves around our new plants in the coming weeks.

PS: I realize the first picture has nothing to do with this blog entry... but I wanted to share it anyway :-) It was my picture of the day yesterday and I am rather fond of it.

Thanks for reading!

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