Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY

Well really I didn't see any lions... or bears... BUT I did see a TIGER :-)

While my mom was visiting we went to the Como Zoo & Conservatory. I'd been once before, but places like this are fun to go to again and again. Animals are so fascinating to watch! And plants too... um, yeah, plants are fun to watch too ;-) 

conservatory pond
First we made our way through my mom's favorite part, the Conservatory... where we saw lots of plants, flowers, ferns, palms, locked up bonsai, and a Japanese garden.
sunken garden

daisy mom como cropped

plant reflection

lily pads and dome

Then we headed on into the zoo, where we watched the ducks and flamingos:

And then the giraffe's for a while, there was a mama and a baby that were too cute. Giraffe's are such amazing creatures, with their LONG necks and their LONG legs. I love their beautiful spots
mama and baby giraffe

and their weird pointy little furry horn type thingys.
giraffe head B&W

This is a giraffe's drinking fountain, hee hee:
giraffe drinking fountain

On our way out we couldn't resist stopping to watch the orangutan's. There was a little family, looked like mom, dad, and baby.
orangutan family

Oh the baby was so cute I just wanted to squeeze him :-)  "don't hug the animals"
baby orangutan lock

Mom and Dad were watching the baby play down below and climb around, he was a clumsy little feller.
baby orangutan

It was like the parents just sat back and watched. Kept their distance, but you could tell they were keeping an eye on the little booger. We later noticed a bigger orangutan off to the side. The baby started to wonder of near it, which the bigger of the two parents (so we'll say the Dad) went over right behind the baby. He never went and took the baby away, but he stayed at a close distance following the baby as he got closer and closer to the bigger orangutan. The other orangutan eventually made his way inside and at this point the dad grabbed the baby's hand and brought him inside
orangutan hand in hand

I'm not sure what the meaning for all that was because then the dad went back over with the mom and sat down, while mom continued to pick through his hair and over in the corner we saw the baby orangutan come right back outside and wonder back over near his parents. It's just so amazing to watch these intelligent creatures interact and really I have no idea what they're doing.... but I'm sure they know....

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