Sunday, September 27, 2009

I need your vote

Here's the scoop: I want to change my blog address to match the title of my blog. And I want it to be pretty permament so I'm turning to YOU readers. Here are some options for my current title:




or changing my title completely matching one of these:



What are your thoughts? I need your input... YOU are the readers. I'll leave the voting open for a week to try and capture as many readers as possible. I know your out there just not sure who you are so please don't be shy to leave a comment and share your ideas or even just your favorite choice from above. I even made it easy by giving the choices letters. Have another cool idea for a title that is not listed here? Share it I'm open for new ideas.

As I always say: thanks for reading!! :-)


Rhiannon said...

BloggingMissDaisy! BloggingMissDaisy! It's too perfect--you can't pass it up!

(P.S.--Can I also vote to have you remove the ads from your site? I think it takes it longer to load). But I totally get it if the $$ is worth it. =)

Daisy said...

Thanks for your vote!

Darn, do the ads really make it load slower? That stinks, I'll try minimizing them. I'm not sure if they're worth the $$ yet because I just put them on... I'm hoping so :-) but probably not...

Kyle said...

I'm going with B, thats my fave.

SaraV said...

Either B or D. I like them both.

GreenLikeTheColor said...

I really like D

Girl Scout Troop 10935 said...

I'm going to say C or D. I like B but I think giving out the address with the - instead of _ will confuse people. I have enough trouble with my email having _ in it. I always have to say "you know the line that looks like an underline?"

Leslie said...


I love reading about what you are up to Daisy! Your pictures are amazing too =)

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