Sunday, September 20, 2009

35 down, 330 to go

Here is week five of my Project Year Two Seven:
Week 05

#29: Knitting scarf: With the onset of winter... er um colder weather, means KNITTING gets to start. When Kyle's dad's girlfriend was here visiting she got me back in the knitting mood so I started this scarf. I missed out on knitting last winter because I was planning a wedding so I'm excited to get some more things done and learn new skills. The surprise of the whole things comes in the binding which I'll get a picture of when it's all finished.

#30: Backyard Sunrise: I was getting ready for work and noticed the sky looked cool, so I ran out on my back deck and snapped a few shots of the sky. Too bad this is the closest view to a sunrise I can get from my house.

#31: Target Field: When I take Kyle to work in the morning, well the mornings I make him so late he misses the bus, I pass the new Target Field! The Twins haven't played in it yet, but will next spring. It's one of my favorite things about taking this route downtown.

#32: Airplane Skyline: I picked this picture for two reasons, one I thought it was cool how my lens hood create a natural vignette around the photo (it's not something I added in post edit) and two I love how you can see Minneapolis in the background. I had went to the airport to pick up my mom, but I went a little early so I can go to the top of the parking ramp and see if I could get any cool shots of the planes. I was so excited to see such a great view of the city. This was my first time at the Humphrey terminal, all the other times I've picked people up or flown out of MSP has been at the Lindbergh terminal.

#33: Running Trail: While my mom was visiting we took a walk down to show her the trail we run and bike on. This is a five minute walk from our front door and runs all the way to downtown Minneapolis. Kyle is showing mom where our house is on the map.

#34: Boat Garages: My mom and I took a journey down the Great River Road. Our final destination was Red Wing where we found a little park area by the river. All these boat garages were lined up in rows in the marina.

#35: Bookstore Display Cat: I felt this was a very unique picture from the day. We started the day off at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. Then made our way to Linden Hills where they were having a 'woofstock' which was just a large doggie event. We walked by this children's bookstore where we saw this cat sleeping in the window. I couldn't believe it was a real cat, pretty funny.

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