Monday, September 7, 2009

The State Fair

**I decided to add a little more text after the fact :-) I posted this in a hurry yesterday**

022 MN State Fair
Yesterday we went to the state fair, boy did we do some walking!!!  This is the second time we've attended the Minnesota State Fair, and if you remember last year - we tried a lot of interesting food - 'fried on a stick' is what they're famous for.  This year wasn't any different, except that we had family with us, so we were able to try/share more!!!

We had cheese curds like last year - a must! Although they tasted greesier than I remember, but still one of my favorites!  I also had to get the dippin dots. Yes I know these aren't really unique to the state fair, since you can now buy them in the grocery store, but they're still fun to get. As Kyle pointed out, it's been the ice cream of the future for years..???? hmmmm
daisy dippin dots

We also had these again:
pig lickers sign

Pig Lickers, you ask? They are chocolate covered bacon...
pig lickers

pig licker serving

Now before you go 'eewwww', don't bash it til you try it. It's probably my favorite thing (even more than the cheese curds and dippin' dots) It's got a sweet salty taste to it that compliments each other nicely. They are served cold, so it really just tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel.

We also tried these:
pig cheeks sign

pig cheeks

I'm guessing they are pig cheeks, however they chop that...???  We were not impressed at all with these and ended up throwing a whole one away because they just were NOT good! It tasted like we were biting into a huge hunk of fat... really chewing and I couldn't taste any peach glaze at all.

And one of Nancy's favorites:
nancy kettle corn
The kettle corn, we all shared since they put so much in the bag she couldn't close it til we ate some. But it was straight out of the kettle and nice and warm, mmmmm good!

Kyle had alligator on a stick. Not really anything exciting. It tasted just like a brawtworst (and looks like one too) He's dipping it in some hot sauce here. We decided if we go back next year we'll get the alligator bites or something like that... it's the battered version that looks like fried calamari. (right next door was ostrich on a stick, which I'd like to try next time)
alligator on a stick

Nancy had chocolate covered key lime pie. We had to walk a ways back since we saw this stand at the beginning of our day.  She said it really wasn't worth the walk back, but I didn't taste it (not a fan of key lime pie) so not sure what it tasted like.
nancy key lime pie

Nancy also got some sweet potato fries, which were mmmmmm good!!! The top ones were the best, because toward the bottom they ended up being just a big greesy mess. The white fluff is whip cream which was so good as well.
sweet potato fries

On the way out, we kept seeing people with these, which smelled so good as they walked by.  So we had to try them,  battered potatoes with ranch and cheese sauce!!! Kyle said it was probably his favorite of the day.
austrailian battered potatoes

Boy were our feet tired from walking all over and after eating all that JUNK, I'm so glad we worked out that morning! We were all in the mood for something healthy for dinner, lol.

We stood and watched some of the rides for a while. Fun to watch them go up and down, round and round. waiting to see if anyone puked, lol.  We didn't ride any, but I had fun taking pictures of them with all their bright colors. A fair's not a fair without the carnies!!

Next up: State Fair Animals!!!! (the live ones - not the ones we ate, lol)


Tish said...

FYI - you can buy sweet potato fries at the store! Look for them in the frozen section. You can bake them so they aren't so greasy.

Then you can have them year round!

Rhiannon said...

Great photos, once again! Were these with the new lens? The chocolate covered bacon grossed me out at first, but the more I think about it tonight, it actually sounds like something that might be pretty tasty! They're two of MY favorite foods--why not put them together?! =)

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