Sunday, September 6, 2009

Y27 - the THIRD week

So as you may have noticed I was a little late posting week two last week - due to the camping trip photos... so I'll try and get back on track with my Sunday weekly Y27 posts. Don't worry, I've been doing good so far, no cheating and a picture EVERYDAY and only one of my patio garden this week! :-)
Week 03

#15: Lake Superior morning rocks: We went camping up along the north shore and we got up early to get pictures of the sunrise over Lake Superior. I just happen to take this while waiting for the sun to come up and absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Too cool how the water ended up looking like smoke over the water.

#16: Maya baby: My friend let me shoot her daughter as practice. This was my first 'photo shoot' and I learned a lot. She is so cute, this one just happened to be my favorite!

#17: Tomato: Squirrel Dinner: Last year when we moved into our house, around this time of year (end of August) my neighbor's tomato plant kept getting eaten at. Well this year, around June, she had asked me if I wanted this net stuff she got for her plant. I said no, that I hadn't noticed any squirrels up on our patio... well two months later, they've attacked! I should have said yes to the netting and just put it on mid-August. Well I'll know for next year :-)

#18: Mirror Self Portrait : trying to get my shot in for the day, playing around in the passenger seat while we were driving to our church's mentor program, Wednesday night. This is me in the passenger vanity mirror. I did flip it in photoshop so the Nikon wouldn't read backwards!

#19: This is where I work...

#20: Chino Latino Mojito: I've mentioned before this is one of my favorite places to eat! Such great food... AND a really good blackberry mojito martini!! I love the little plastic animals you get with it :-)

#21: Kyle and his Dad: Del and his girlfriend, Nancy, came to visit us for Labor Day weekend. Here we were walking along Grand Avenue in St. Paul, visiting the cute little shops, we just happen to be right outside of a yarn/knitting shop in this photo.

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