Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Corner Book Store

midafternoon nap
So after taking my mum to the Farmer's Market, she also got to experience a little bit of our doggie fun. There was a 'Woofstock' going on in a little neighborhood not too far from our house. They had booths set up and offered dog washes. Mainly just a place for dogs to get out and socialize. Of course Harpo LOVED it! But we also discovered a few other things while wondering this little neighborhood called Linden Hills.

A children's bookstore called Wild Rumpus.
big door

I loved that they had a big door... and a little door....
little door
**Sorry to whoever's behind that is... but it fully explains the use of the little door :-)

My favorite part was probably the cat taking a nap in the window! I wasn't sure if it was real until I got in real close and realized it was breathing... what a position!
035 bookstore display cat

We also discovered a little coffee shop, where mom and Kyle got some iced coffee and noticed a bag of coffee beans for $400!!! WOW that's some nice coffee! I wasn't as impressed because one of the workers wasn't very nice and kept giving me mean looks... I won't go back.
coffee machine
When I took this picture he snarled "that's just for your personal use, correct?" I said yes... BUT if you want I can give it to you and you can sell it, muahahaha!!

I also found a cute little yarn store!  We found so much, and we're always in that neighborhood getting Sebastian Joe's ice cream. Oh the things you discover when you walk around the corner.

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