Friday, September 25, 2009

Peanuts Update

My collection has grown since I last posted!!
Imagination Linus

And I've been updating the page as I go: My Twin Cities Peanut Characters Blog

So I don't drive you all insane with Peanuts I'll try and just give you an update once I've added enough to make it worth your while to check it out again. Otherwise I'll just keep adding as I go. This is going to be a continuous project as there are hundreds of these things and no clue where they all are since they were auctioned off.

My latest one to discover was found today and I am SUPER excited about it!  I had posted a note on facebook asking minnesotans to help me out and then I've also asked around work. My co-worker Jolene, thought of this one. It is located in an elementary school she used to work at... I would have NEVER found this one if it wasn't for her so I'm super excited she remembered it. It's also pretty unique, I haven't seen any pictures of it around the internet. Linus is supposed to be an Albert Einstein look alike, I'm guessing. And the woodstock on top was so cute!
Imagination Woodstock

Every Statue has a little label that I have also been capturing.
Imagination Linus Label

On some of the outside statues, this label has worn off. But when it's there I'm getting a shot of it and then using the name to label my pictures. So some of the ones with out 'quotatoin' marks around them are just named from what they appear to be. Otherwise I'm trying to label them & using their 'official' name. :-)

Thanks for reading!

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