Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week Numero Dos!

week 02
Here is my second week of Y27 (Project 365).

Dad & Kyle: My dad was visiting for the weekend. This day we went to Mall of America and watched all the action going on in the amusement park.

Kyle & Harpo Bridge: I talked about this photo in this blog.

Old Chicago: We finished a leinenkugel's mini tour at one of our favorite drinking places - Old Chicago. We have just a few beers left before we finish the whole World Beer Tour of 110 beers. We will get our name engraved on the 'wall of foam' once we complete them all. We started almost two years ago :-)

Dinner and movie: We grilled out burgers and had the usual with it: tomatoes and cottage cheese!

Tums: I bought this bottle for my wedding day 'bathroom basket'. I have never really had tums before, except as a candy when I was a kid. A few days before I took this picture I had a terrible stomach ache and remembered I had tums in my cupboard from the wedding (4 months ago) I decided to try them! Not sure if they helped because my gut still ended up hurting into the next day, but I do say I LOVE these! I take one everyday - for calicum - yeah right, mainly because they taste good, but also it says on the back you can take 1-2 a day for calcium :-)

Hydrangea: I came home one day and noticed a BLUE bloom! All my other hydrangea blooms have been pink, so I was pretty excited. I didn't even add anything to the soil.

Lighthouse: If you've been following my blog you know all about this shot. We went camping at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park and got to see the 'out of commission' light house, light up for one hour. I don't have a long zoom lens on my DSLR yet, so I pulled out my point and shoot to snap this shot. I was pretty impressed with it.

Thanks for reading!

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Tish said...

I have to say that I was never a fan of Tums. Until I got pregnant. Indigestion was not my friend, but Tums was. I prefer the minty flavor ones. I would chew them after a meal as an "after-dinner mint."

Plus when you start burping, it has a nice fresh minty flavor taste. I know, gross but true.

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