Saturday, September 12, 2009

Endless Love

027 super excited harpo
One might never quite comprehend unconditional love until they can experience it first hand in a family pet.  Harpo is the most forgiving being I have ever met (I could say Jesus was, but I've never met him, BUT if Jesus happen to walk into this room at any given time, then Harpo would fall to second place as the most forgiving being I've ever met) ;-)  Okay I've had a lot of church time today and couldn't neglect a shout out - yah God!

Back to what I was getting at. Harpo shows us love no matter WHAT the situation is, whether I forgot about him out in the rain, left him in his crate all day while we were out exploring the world, shoveled mounds of snow on him, or neglect brushing his beard until there are tangles that hurt to brush out... whatever the situation, he is fast to forgive, never holds grudges and continues to show love! 

This is all just an introduction to a group of pictures I want to share with you. I had just got done capturing my 'shot of the day' (which you will see in the next post) when I came around the side of the house; I was in the front yard and Harpo was missing me in the back. The next slew of pictures were all taken in a one minute span. But the joy on his face is indescribable.

Needless to say the shot I thought I got for the day (which started off as a tree) ended up getting replaced by one of these, so I had to make sure and take that tree shot the next day.

Without further ah-do... I give you "Greetings from the other side of the fence"
fenced in harpo01

fenced in harpo02
 fenced in harpo03   fenced in harpo04   fenced in harpo05   fenced in harpo06   fenced in harpo07  

Remember to smile!

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