Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What week is this again?

OH Week SIX :-P
Week 06 blogsize

I'm doing good so far, haven't missed a day ::knock on wood:: It's getting colder up here... which will soon mean less time outside. In a way that's good because it's encouraging me to get out more and get some pictures before it's too cold, but also bad because 'What am I going to do when I'm stuck inside'. My goal for this week (week 7 coming up) is to try and get all the shots outside.

Enough about next week, here was this past week's summary:

#36: Giraffe: While my mom was visiting we went to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. This was one of my favorite shots just because giraffes are such interesting creatures. Well zoo animals in general are interesting creatures.

#37: Knitted scarf: A few pictures ago I photographed this scarf in the making. Here is the finished product. The pattern was called waterfall scarf and I 'reversed knit' the whole thing, then in the binding I dropped four stitches and pulled apart those four rows to give it the look it has.

#38: Poodle Skirt Lucy: I had always seen the Peanut's Characters around the Twin Cities, but something made me want to photograph as many as I could find. So this ended up being the picture of my day and will probably be like some more pictures of my day in the future. This is Lucy with a poodle skirt on. She was located just East of Lake Calhoun, actually in the northeast corner of Lake Calhoun, in someone's front yard.

#39: Bronze Lucy and Schroeder: I am on a continuous peanut search and since I've already used one of the colored peanut characters in this week, I decided to choose one of the bronze statues for this day. On this day I had driven all around St. Paul searching for the peanuts, I ended up with eleven. Not counting the three bronze ones I got at Rice Park in downtown St. Paul. There are a few more in this park, but I choose to not worry about them that day since they are permanent displays, and I plan to go back with Kyle sometime to get the rest.

#40: 110th of World Beer Tour: About 20 months ago Kyle and I started a world beer tour at Old Chicago. We were given a card that was swiped each time we had a beer (up to 4 in one day was all that was allowed) and at each 10 or 15 beer milestone we'd get a prize: t-shirt, bottle opener, coffee mug, hats, coolers, etc. Well this day we finally made it! 110 BEERS! Our final prize was a sweatshirt and our name emblazoned on the 'Wall of Foam'. So our names will be on the wall of the Uptown Old Chicago... forever... ahh we're so proud ;-)

#41: Imagination Linus: My friend told me about a Linus character that was located in an elementary school she used to work at. All the Peanuts Characters have these little labels on them, that I also try to capture if it's visible while I am out on a 'Peanut Hunt'.

#42: Shine, Charlie Brown: This day was consumed by another 'Peanut Hunt' so it's only natural that my picture of the day would be a Charlie Brown. This was is located in downtown Minneapolis, across from the Star Tribune (our newspaper) building. I had a partner for this search, Kyle was the driver :-)

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