Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Butter and Bags

fair ticket

I had heard about this so called 'butter princess' last year. But never did find out where it was. This year it was my number one priority.  I knew it was a princess carved out of butter and I was envisioning a WHOLE princess with a pretty ball gown and all.
butter princess

Instead I just saw the heads... there were about eight different faces carved and it was still rather impressive, even if it wasn't the whole body of a princess. They carve the faces from 90 POUNDS of butter, it takes about 6-8 hours and the princesses get to keep their head when the fair is over. Now what they are going to do with about 90 lbs of butter is a mystery to me, but I'm pretty sure they will never need to buy butter again. Heck I don't even buy butter, oh wait - I don't eat butter :-P

There were many booths throughout the fair that were giving away bags, there were a few plastic bags to put flyer's and advertisements in, but most of them were reusable bags (which we keep in our cars to use when we go to the grocery store - yes we are very GREEN!). Last year we got a blue UCare bag... and what I remember was just walking by some place and getting handed a bag.  This year I was seeing the purple University of St. Thomas bags again. But unlike last year, THAT was the bag I wanted!  Since Kyle has just applied to this college, I wanted to support him by getting a bag. Problem was, and this could have been because it was the last two days of the fair, but they were only handing out bags at certain times. We finally found the booth at about 11:00am and they weren't handing out bags again until 12:30. SOOO we booked it to the pet building and ran through the Eco building before making it back to the education building at 12:15... to find a nice BIG line! But we waited in line, and we ALL (that's four) got our own purple University of St. Thomas bag!
purple bags
I just love this picture of Kyle, he looks like such a goof ball.

View from the bus ride back to our car:
mlps skyline bus view

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