Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Farm life at the Fair

state fair sign

One of my favorite things about the State Fair, is the animals!!!!  You can't tell me, no matter how long you've been around animals, that they just don't seem to draw you in. Even Kyle, childhood farm boy, enjoys all the animals at the fair.

First stop:
miracle of birth barn

The Miracle of Birth barn is the first thing you see coming in the front gates. So it's usually our first stop. And it's rather busy - even busier when a birth is taking place. Kyle's dad couldn't believe there were bleachers set up for people to watch a birth take place, LOL.  I'm not so interested in the actual birth as I am all the cute little BABIES!!!!  Oh my gosh they are so cute!

There are the little baby piglets, that lay next to the big fat mama under the heating lamps.
baby pigs  nursing pig

The the cutesty little lambs, they are so cute too!
nursing sheep  baby sheep

And my absolute favorite... the baby ducks!!! AHHH they are just the cutest things EVER! Eating and drinking, eating and drinking. LOL we stood and watching these two baby ducks eat and drink over and over for a good 3 or so minutes.
baby ducks 1  baby duck 2 

They also had bunnies, I love the little floppy eared ones.

As we left the miracle of birth barn we couldn't help but notice this 'chia cow'.  "Just add water!"
Chia Cow  del nancy kyle chia cow 

After walking around a bit we came across a little lesson going on about an eagle. It was pretty cool seeing the eagle up this close. So beautiful.
eagle one  eagle two  eagle three

Across from the eagle seminar was this reptile stand. I guess they had more guys like this one inside the booth, but I chose to just enjoy the free sample.

After we had pretty much completed the rounds at the fair, we stopped into the horse barn. Unfortunately, we mainly just got to look at horse butts, but this guy was facing us.
horse eye

We made our way through the barn to the arena where we rested our feet and enjoyed a little square dance show and a guy showing off his horses.
square dance horse  horse stand

The last animal building we went to see was the Sheep and Poultry building. Although I'm not really shure why they give it that name since it is filled with GOATS :-)  There were a few poultry animals off to the side, but mainly goats. Which I LOVE! They are also just so darn cute! They kind of remind me of harpo, just nibbiling away at the grass.
goat butts  goat head in troft  tall goat 

This one was very fond of Kyle's shorts.
goat eating kyles shorts

It was fun watching them ram their heads together... being playful.
goats ramming heads

The poultry were a little harder to get good pictures of, since they were all in square cages. Kyle had fun getting them to talk to him. There were chickens, hens, geese, ducks, turkeys....
poultry  champion tom turkey

That pretty much concluded are animal journey. Until next time...

Home again, home again, jiggidy jigg.
bus ride

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