Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another one bites the dust

bomp bomp bomp... another one bites the dust
great, now that song will be stuck in my head all day!

Sorry to bombard you with blog posts lately... just a lot I wanted to blog about and I didn't feel like spacing them out each day, because, like always, something knew will come up and I will want to blog about that! :-)

Here is week number FOUR!
Week 04

#22- MN State Fair: We attended the state fair the day before labor day. I just loved how bright and vibrant all the rides are. Although we didn't ride any rides, we did walk around the WHOLE fair grounds, eat lots of unhealthy food, and see lots of cute animals!

#23- Labor Day Lunch: Kyle's dad and Nancy were in town over Labor Day weekend, we wanted to go downtown for lunch. But the places we were thinking of going were all closed. Then we came across this little place on the way to check out another restaurant. When we found out that other restaurant was closed we came back to this one: Maxwell's. When we pulled up no one was outside and there were only six people inside. By the time we left the patio was almost full. I think everyone else realized no other place was open either. It was pretty good though, and a cute little corner bar.

#24- Back Yard Hunting: Harpo loves to trot around the backyard, searching for rabbit poop. I think here he was smelling a squirrel that ran off when he went outside.

#25- Working Out: I was a bit of a geek this day, I set up my tripod and used my remote shutter to capture some shots of me working out to Jillian Michael's 30-day-shred. Kyle picked this one as the pick of the day because of how my shoulder muscles look... now if only they always looked like that and not just when I am flexing with a weight in hand.

#26- Spicy Tuna Volcano: This was my 'specialty' I call it "Spicy Tuna Volcano" I started out with tuna, cucumber, and avocado all inside... but it didn't roll very well so I ended up just taking the avocado out, cutting it up and putting it on top of each piece. Then I squirted a dot of spicy mayo on top... thus producing Spicy Tuna Volcano. You ask where I got the term volcano? Because there is also a v, o, c, a, o in avocado as well.... and it sounded good :-)

#27-Super Excited Harpo: I had just got done taking a picture of the tree in our front yard for my Y27 project, when I came around the side of the house to see Harpo, who was in the backyard. He ran up to the fence and I got a slew of super cute snapshot. I just had to replace my original tree picture with this one, who wouldn't, he is just way too excited and too darn cute to pass up!

#28- Arrival of Fall: I actually took a picture just like this the day before, intending for it to be my picture of the day - but something else came up so I ended up shooting this one the next day. The good thing about trees... they don't move. I heard the crinkle, crinkle, of leaves outside and I was almost shocked that the tree had already started to change and leaves had started to fall. I hadn't noticed either of this until that moment. It's amazing how fast it happens!

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SaraV said...

Your dog is so freakin' cute! Great pics too!

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