Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twin Cities Peanut Characters

So after some research I have a better understanding of the whole ordeal...
There are many Peanut's Characters located around the Twin Cities... there is no 'official' list of where they are because after they were showcased in various projects from 2000-2003 they were then auctioned off to whoever, wherever. My goal: trying to find as many as I can and listing them here. So if any other nut, like me, wants to know where to find them - I have somewhat of a start. So please, feel free to list other locations in the comments if you have seen on somewhere.

Charles Schulz
He was born in Minneapolis to a barber and a homemaker. He lived above his father's barber shop at 164 Snelling Ave. in St. Paul. He had a black and white pointer dog named Spike, which became the inspiration for Snoopy. In 1947 his first comics were submitted to St. Paul's Pioneer Press.
In 1951 he moved to Colorado Springs, CO for a short while. Then when he was 36 he moved to Sebastopol, California with his family and had his first studio there. There is a museum now in Santa Rosa, CA in honor of him.
Resources: Article: Charlie Brown Hometown, Wikipedia Charles M Schulz,

Peanuts Character Sculpture Project
It began in 2000, 101 five-foot-tall Snoopy statues were placed throughout St. Paul to honor Charles Schulz, they called it Peanuts on Parade. Shortly after, in 2001, more statues were displayed at the Mall of America for a summer exhibit called Charlie Brown Around Town. There were three more exhibits held at the Mall of America - in 2002: Looking for Lucy, in 2003: Linus Blankets St. Paul, in 2004: DogHouse Days of Summer. All the statues were auctioned off at the end of each summer and can still be found in various places around the Twin Cities. There is a permanent display of bronze statues at Landmark Plaza in downtown St. Paul.
There were:
111 - Snoopys
103 - Charlie Browns (List from before they were auctioned off)
109 - Lucys (Pre-Auction List)
91 - Linus (List from summer project)
104 - Snoopy Dog Houses (List of originals)
Resources: Wikipedia TC Comic Artists, Wikipedia Peanuts, Project Snoopy, Press Release Article, Daves Peanuts on Parade, Looking for Lucy Pictures, Charlie Brown Around Town Pictures, Linus Blankets St. Paul Pictures, For the Love of Lucy, Flickr Groups: Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown Around Town album, Charlie Brown Around Town Auction, Information Center in St. Paul, Peanuts Tribute

Flying snoopy and me web hocky snoopy house web performer lucy web snoopy with corndog web
1) 4-20-09: 'The North Star Flying Ace' Snoopy: Minneapolis Airport, Lindbergh Terminal
2) 9-05-09: Hockey Snoopy on house: 846 Grand Ave W, St. Paul
3) 9-06-09: 'Super Star Lucy': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
4) 9-06-09: 'State Fair Snoopy': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul

snoopy and woodstock web poodle skirt lucy web violin charlie web Sew Much Love Linus
5) 9-06-09: Snoopy and Woodstock on house: State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
6) 9-22-09: 'Little Darlin' Lucy': 3022 E. Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis
7) 9-22-09: 'Concerto Charlie': 7210 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park - House of Note
8) 9-23-09: 'Sew Much Love' Linus: 688 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul

Slapshot Snoopy Carlitos Brown Linus de Nuestra Community Nurse Lucy
9) 9-23-09: 'Slapshot' Snoopy: 800 Snelling Ave S., St. Paul: Inside Charles M. Schulz Highland Arena
10) 9-23-09: 'Carlitos Brown': 407 Wabasha St., St. Paul
11) 9-23-09: 'Linus de Nuestra Community': 175 Cesar Chavez St., St. Paul
12) 9-23-09: 'Lucy Barton': 176 Robert St. S., St. Paul - American Red Cross

Dog Gone Green Snoopy House Hamburger house Snoopy Life is a bowl full of Chocolate Linus Sweeten Up Lucy
13) 9-23-09: 'Dog Gone Green' Snoopy House: 76 Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul
14) 9-23-09: Hamburger Snoopy House: 33 7th Pl W., St. Paul - Wild Tymes Bar and Grill
15) 9-23-09: 'Life is a bowl of Chocolate' Linus: 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland
16) 9-23-09: 'Sweeten Up Lucy': 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland

Candy House Snoopy & Woodstock German Lucy Imagination Linus Shine, Charlie Brown
17) 9-23-09: Candy House Snoopy and Woodstock: 435 Wabasha St., St. Paul - Candyland
18) 9-23-09: 'Mein Liebchen Lucy': 70 7th St. W., St. Paul
19) 9-25-09: 'Imagination' Linus: 12000 S. Diamond Lake Rd., Dayton: Inside Dayton Elementary School
20) 9-26-09: 'Shine, Charlie Brown': 412 Portland Ave., Minneapolis

Extra! Extra! Lucy Reaching Out to Communities Lucy Mr Soapy Charlie Brown Swede Dreams of Home Snoopy
21) 9-26-09: 'Extra! Extra!' Lucy: 420 Portland Ave., Minneapolis
22) 9-26-09: 'Reaching Out to Communities' Lucy: 750 W. American Blvd., Bloomington - REI (as of Fall 2012, no longer there)
23) 9-26-09: 'Mr. Soapy' Charlie Brown: 750 W. American Blvd., Bloomington - REI (as of Fall 2012, no longer there)
24) 9-26-09: 'Swede Dreams of Home' Snoopy: 8000 Ikea Way, Bloomington - Ikea

UofM Snoopy Super Linus Lucy Goes for the Gold Patriot Linus
25) 10-1-09: University of Minnesota Snoopy: 2017 W. Buford Ave., St. Paul; Inside UofM St. Paul campus Student Center
26) 10-1-09: 'Super Linus to the Rescue': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills
27) 10-1-09: 'Lucy Goes for the Gold': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills
28) 10-1-09: 'Patriot Linus': 803 Bielenberg Dr., Woodbury - Woodbury Cafe in Tamarack Hills

Patchwork Snoopy Good Grief! I'm a part of Minnesota History Lucy in Love Dr Linus's Medicine Show
29) 10-1-09: 'Patchwork Snoopy': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
30) 10-1-09: 'Good Grief! I'm a Part of Minnesota History!': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
31) 10-1-09: 'Lucy in Love': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
32) 10-1-09: 'Dr. Linus's Medicine Show': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy

Good to go after my nap Babyface Snoopy Dog in Training Snoopys Park Court
33) 10-1-09: 'Good to go... After my Nap': 102 5th Ave. S., South St. Paul; Inside ProX Pharmacy
34) 10-1-09: 'Babyface Snoopy': 215 Wabasha St. S., St. Paul - Wabasha Street Caves
35) 10-1-09: 'Dog in Training': 214 4th St. E., St. Paul - St. Paul Union Depot
36) 10-1-09: 'Snoopys Park Court': 194 Summit Ave., St. Paul - across from Cathedral of St. Paul

Home Sibley Home It was a dark and stormy night Patient Puppy Lucille
37) 10-10-09: 'Home Sibley Home': 1311 W 7th St. St. Paul
38) 10-11-09: 'It was a dark and stormy night': 2041 Ford Parkway, St. Paul - in front of Half Priced Books
39) 10-11-09: 'Patient Puppy': 1140 Grand Ave., St. Paul - in front of Grand Ave Vet Center
40) 10-15-09: 'Lucille': 2450 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis - in front of UofM Hospital Riverside West Bldg Entrance

CEO Lucy Its a love connection Charlie Brown Pharmacist Lucy Seeking Philanthropy My Dear Watson Linus
41) 10-15-09: 'Lucy, CEO': 500 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis - Courtyard of UofM Medical Center
42) 10-15-09: 'It's a Love Connection, Charlie Brown!': 500 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis - InsideLobby of UofM Med Ctr
43) 10-15-09: 'Pharmacist Lucy': 515 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis - Inside Tunnel between Moos Tower and Weaver-Densford Hall
44) 10-15-09: 'Seeking Philanthropy My Dear Watson': 222 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis - InsideAndersen Library

traveling snoopy Snoopy as 1939 St Paul Saint your pint, sir {linus} Sparky's Neighborhood {snoopy house}
45) 11-08-09: Traveling Snoopy: Minneapolis Airport - Near Gate C12
46) 05-06-10: Snoopy as 1939 St. Paul Saint: Midway Stadium, St. Paul (Saints Field)
47) 07-06-10: 'Your Pint, Sir' Linus: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
48) 07-06-10: 'Sparky's Neighborhood' Snoopy House: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank

lucky lucy Family Barber Shop {charlie brown} Quilting Linus remember, restore, rejoice charlie brown
49) 07-06-10: 'Lucky Lucy': 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
50) 07-06-10: 'Family Barber Shop' Charlie Brown: 176 Snelling Ave., St. Paul - Inside Associate Bank
51) 07-11-10: 'Quilting Linus': State Fair Grounds, St. Paul
52) 08-14-10: 'Remember, Restore, Rejoice' Charlie Brown: 2866 White Bear Ave. N., Maplewood - Premier Bank

bound to be linus snoopy and eagle woodstock youre the life of the party chuck Linus Stops the Puck
53) 08-14-10: 'Bound to be Linus': 2866 White Bear Ave. N., Maplewood - Premier Bank
54) 08-22-10: Fishing Snoopy and Eagle Woodstock: 971 Sibley Memorial Hwy., Lilydale (StPaul)
55) 09-07-10: 'You're the Life of the Party, Chuck': 2107 W 76th St., Richfield - Inside Best Buy Headquarters
56) 01-29-11: 'Linus Stops the Puck': Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN - Inside on level 1

cold feet, warm thoughts snoopy theres no space like home snoopy state fair 2013-61

57) 04-22-11: 'Cold Feet, Warm Thoughts': Minneapolis Airport Terminal 2 (Humphrey), in front of gate H3
58) 11-30-12: 'There's No Space Like Home': Minnesota Children's Museum, 10 7th Street West, St. Paul
59) 08-26-13: Farmer Charlie: State Fair Grounds in Little Farm Hands exhibit

Untitled Untitled

60) 07-21-15: Lucy: in front of residential housing near 26th St and Inglewood in St Louis Park
61) 07-21-15: Snoopy on house: in front of residential housing near 28th St. and Inglewood in St. Louis Park

Ones I have yet to photograph:
Rice Park - Bronze set
Lobby of Hotel in St. Paul ??
White Bear Lake ??
Bronze Charlie Southwest of Science Museum - St. Paul
Sleepy Eye, MN - front of Dyckman Free Library
7th Street & Lafayette, St Paul
US Bank Bldg St Paul ??
St John's Hospital - Oakdale, MN ??
Linders Nursery Roseville

Aware of in 2014:
Off Hwy 7 in Minnetonka- in front of Ace Hardware
A few inside of Best Buy business building (not available to the public)
Girl Scout Office in W St. Paul



SaraV said...

This is cool. Toledo did this but used frog statues. After it was over, they sold them for charity. I've seen a couple. I want to try to see if I am able to locate more.

J L said...

Thanks for compiling this list. I'm a Minnesota author (check my web site if you don't believe me: jayellwilson.com) and I needed a clue for a book. I figured, 'hey, a Snoopy statue' and I googled for a list and lo & behold, I found yours.

This book is already under contract, so I'll make sure you get a mention on the acknowledgment page! Thanks!

Jorie Tappa said...

I was searching of a list of these to show my mom when she comes in town from WI next time. I don't know which statue it is or what its called because I haven't seen it in a year or two, but as I recall there's one inside of Associated Bank on Snelling.

Unknown said...

There's a train engineer Charlie Brown inside the Jackson Street Roundhouse, at Pennsylvania and Jackson in St. Paul... http://trainride.org/jsrh.shtml

Thanks for posting these! My family and I have been looking for as many as we can, too.

Liz said...

This is a fantastic help as we are coming to Minneapolis very soon and want to hunt some down. Have you any idea how many of these are still in place?


Unknown said...

Liz -- a lot of the statues in general are gone, but I think almost all of these ones are still there. The only one that I know for sure is gone is the train doghouse at St. Paul Union Depot. The ones in front of REI have been moved to Anoka County Farms in Ham Lake. But we went out hunting last night and randomly found a Snoopy that's just been re-installed at the corner of Grand and Finn (University of St. Thomas, 2129 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul). Have fun! -- Peter

Anonymous said...

There is an Astronaut Snoopy outside the office of my son's elementary school, fitting as it is a STEM based school with heavy ties to NASA...

Anonymous said...

There is an astronaut Snoopy outside the office at my son's school. very appropriate as his school has close ties to NASA.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: where?! Twin Cities (hopefully)? I'm Googling like crazy based on your clues... is it Farnsworth Aerospace Elementary? Please respond, I haven't heard of this statue yet!

jweeksiii said...

BTW, the Snoopy doghouse is back on display at Linder's Garden Center on Larpenteur in Saint Paul.

Daisy said...

Thank you, I have updated my list and hope to get over there soon to photograph it.

Anonymous said...

Did you have any luck?

Unknown said...

There are alot around St Paul. We have found quite a few, mostly unlikely indoor and museums. One in Girl Scout office in west st paul. Childrens hospital has a poster of all lucy and charlie brown statues made by the ER. Saw it there today. Good luck looking

Unknown said...

Linders closed in September

Daisy said...

I haven't been able to 'Peanut Hunt' in quite some time. I have come across a few but getting back has not been a priority. Hard to have fun hunting statues when I have a toddler in tow and twins on the way :) someday maybe I can do it with my kids and make a game out of it for them as well. I will continue to add to my 'to photo' list as I hear of them, so I'd love it if you'd still share new ones you come across.

Anonymous said...

There is one in the front entrance of MnDOT on the Capitol Mall in St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was a kid seeing a Snoopy statue with binoculars at the Peanuts Parade on top of a car. Does anyone know what happened to that statue? I've tried to locate it but can't find much information!

Anonymous said...

I own two --- riverboat & newspaper .... Fun ..

Daisy said...

Hi! Do you have them on display publically? Our new neighborhood has three around in people's yards. My kids love going by them and they make a huge deal!

Alice Gray said...

Thanks for nice share! I have updated my list and hope to get over there soon to photograph it.
Reference: Twin cities web designers

PaulyCC said...

Daisy Good Afternoon!
I havent been to your blog in years and I owe alot to you in my Snoopy hunting!!! Covid has given Snoopy hunting a reboot. You say there's 3 in your new neighborhood? Thanks for your time!
Pauly & Brody
or text 612.987.7626

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