Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love the airport!

lens hood vignette
Being in an airport makes me feel so important! I feel like I am important enough that I am needed somewhere, or maybe important enough that I need to go somewhere. Either way.... I love it! I love traveling and exploring new worlds. I mean, really, that's why I've lived in four different states, seven different cities in the past five years! I love EXPLORING!!!


So even though I wasn't traveling anywhere, I was at the airport to pick up my mama! Who is visiting for the next few days. But of course I didn't miss the opporutunity to arrive a little early and get some shots in :-)  And I never knew what a great view of Minneapolis there was!

mlps skyline view

Now even though airports are usually busy busy... Minneapolis International has two terminals. My mom flew into Humphrey terminal, which is the smaller of the two... not quite as busy.

baggage claim

But still fun!

take off over city

Have you ever seen the movie Fargo?  Remember that scene on the top of the parking ramp???
empty parking lot

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