Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holtz Farm Fall Festival

Sunday we met up with a friend and attended a fun farm festival. The kids got to see animals and partake in the fun activities they had going on. 

They had fake animals to play with:

And real ones to see:

Mama hens laying on their eggs. 

Emma got to let one!

Mary did too with a little persuading. 

There were fun little activities for the kids. Here they are waiting their turn to milk the fake cow. 

While Isaac and Emma were milking, Mary was in the nearby barn grinding corn. 



Then another activity of making rope. 

And sanding/carving a piece of wood. 

Then we finished it off with some play time on the playground. 

Watching Maya's sock circus :-P

More Soccer Posts

This was last Tuesday. Girls were a great audience. 

Then Saturday morning soccer. I was working my MoMs sale so I met them at the field to watch him play. 

Walking back from the bathroom I had to snap this, playing under these big old trees. 

Tonight it was rainy, we drove over to the field but didn't get out. I didn't want to deal with wet kids by myself. We waited for a while. Some kids showed up but not many so I'm guessing overall it was cancelled. Still waiting for an email. 

Preschool Open House

Last Thursday we got to go as a family to explore Isaac's school and experience his day. It was fun getting to meet his classmates and parents. And for the girls to play around. It was short and sweet. 

Here is the self portrait he had drawn. 

The girls loved playing in the kitchen. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Soccer

The cool thing about this fall's soccer league is that we have Tuesday and Saturday games. We missed our first Saturday but got to make it this weekend. It was chilly starting out but the sun popped out quickly. 

And grandma and grandpa are in town so it was fun for them to get to experience a preschool soccer game in all its glory. 

The first half of the 45 minutes is spent warming up, doing drills, and practicing the sport. 

Then the second half is spent in a mock game with another team. 
Isaac is quite the soccer player. Next week we will work on sharing possession of the ball with fellow team mates, those in the same colored shirt. :-P

Isaac has a wonderful cheering section. 

Mary would be out there playing too if we let her. 

Way past nap time and this one didn't catch a cat nap on the drive over like her sister. 

Go bluejays! 
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