Friday, September 2, 2016

The Great Minnesota Get Together

We made it to the state fair on Wednesday. Kyle took the day off and I had a free ticket from work for the 31st so we decided that's our day.

We had to stop on our walk from street parking to take advantage of the photo op (street sign). Isaac was being a little crabby on the walk there, and actually most of the day. Turns out he wasn't feeling well and we discovered he had a fever when we got home later that day, poor guy.

First stop was little farm hands. They were so cute doing this and FINALLY one of my children agreed to wear the adorable apron.

They changed it a little bit this year adding a turn to the path that taught us about bees and soil.

Tractor rides

Feeding the 'chickens' corn in return for an 'egg'.

Planting the wooden coin.

Mary was so excited to get her photo with Charlie Brown, it was like a celebrity sighting for her, it was so cute! We have a snoopy and Lucy by our house that we often pass and they are always on the look out for them.

Isaac 'smiling' for a picture. He was in a good mood during this.

Eating their treats they bought in the 'market' after selling all their farm goods.

Beautiful sunflowers as we left little farm hands.

Next stop across the way to Sweet Martha's Cookies! Couldn't pass up cookies for Emma our cookie lover. We made a rule that only one person could walk at a time and since Isaac wasn't feeling well he wanted to ride in the stroller. Emma is so pokey so her walking time was limited. Mary was the lucky one to get to approach the cookie counter with me.

Isaac rode the big slide, didn't enjoy it as much as he should have. :-(

Now onto the baby ANIMALS. They were all pretty excited to check out the animals in the birthing barn.

The chicken building is always fun to walk through.

This was when Isaac was starting to complain about being sick saying his tummy hurt, which we thought was from drinking juice at farm hands followed by cookies.

Picked up a Ruben pickle. It was delicious just wish it was BIGGER! This was SEVEN DOLLARS!

Isaac eating lunch: a cheese burger and banana.

And luckily Mary fell asleep! Surprised she did, but so good.

Isaac wanted cheese curds, but then once we had them he didn't want them. I think he was expected the cheese curds we get from our CSA (which aren't fried). Emma hiding from the camera, stinker.

Isaac got out of the stroller with me to check out the TPT booth. We signed up to support them and got a plush cookie monster, which of course the girls constantly fight over since that day... joys of twins.

The giant sand box cheered Isaac up a bit. And Mary woke up just in time to get in some playtime before we moved on.

We then spent some time in the energy building (not sure the exact name of it) where all the learning booths are about recycling and conserving energy. Isaac had some fun with a vegetable race car ramp and playing a game of exhibit bingo card.

Miss E being a goof.

Then we picked up some popcorn on the way out. I didn't realize she was making this face until I saw the photo later in the day. Too funny.

No room for the popcorn, glad I had my carrier! LOL

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. We had a family movie night of Maya the Bee since Isaac was feeling crummy. Ordered in, kicked our feet up, and snuggled.

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