Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First day of Preschool (year 2)

Isaac had his first day of preschool today! He started at a new school this year since we moved. He is now taking the BUS to school and then I pick him up after which should help with me getting the girls to nap however they are NOT doing it now.

He was pretty excited all morning, he had forgotten (even though we had a meet the teacher day yesterday). This was at the school yesterday


Then this morning when I asked him to get dress he asked "Where are we going today" I replied, you have school, remember? From that point on he was bouncing off the walls excited to go to school. Problem was he doesn't go til afternoon, so we had a little bit of wait time. We were eating lunch when I was wondering what time the bus would actually come. Then the bus driver actually called 4 seconds after that thought to tell me he was about 10-15 minutes away. Perfect. Isaac ate a little more of his lunch, then got his shoes on and we all went outside to wait for the bus.

I even pulled out my nice camera which was still boxed up and probably hadn't been used since June :-P Got some good pics of the three kids. School excitement sure did help with cooperation.

isaac 1stday preschool-1

isaac 1stday preschool-8

isaac 1stday preschool-allthree

isaac 1stday preschool-13

After taking Isaac's picture alone, Emma went and stood in the same spot and said "my turn! my turn!"
isaac 1stday preschool-16

Miss Mary goof!
isaac 1stday preschool-17

Love her crazy hair curls these days
isaac 1stday preschool-22

isaac 1stday preschool-20

isaac 1stday preschool-24

Here's the bus!
isaac 1stday preschool-25edit

And there he goes
isaac 1stday preschool-27edit

Emma started to get a sad face with teary eyes saying "Back! Bus, Back!" and Mary was asking "Where Isaac go?" It was so sweet. We came in to finish lunch then hopes for naps.... but here we are an hour and a half later and no sleep yet. Need to leave in just a bit to pick him up so looking like no nap today. Hopefully tomorrow is a different story.

We picked up Isaac and he had had a great day! His favorite part was playing in the sand that was in the sensory table. 

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