Friday, October 30, 2015

Ar-BOO-retum & Pumpkin Carving

We went out to the arboretum today for some of their Halloween festivities. 

We started off inside, Isaac got a piece of candy from the front desk and then we went upstairs for story time. 

Emma was pretty into listening to the story. 

Then we went back downstairs for the craft activity and trick-or-treated for an apple in the gift shop. 

The craft was leaf pounding a flag. Pretty cool how the colors bled through to the fabric. 

We were all pretty warm so we went outside over to the pumpkin hill with the pumpkin house and big scarecrows. After being outside for a while we were cold so we headed back inside to have our picnic lunch. 

We ate our packed lunch then went out to see the rest of the scarecrows. 

Minions & Dr Gru

The girls fell asleep on the way home. Once we got home we prepared our pumpkins for carving. I tried to get them to play in the seeds but they weren't really interested in getting messy. Although they were very intently looking in the pumpkins. 

We broke for dinner once Kyle got home then picked back up on getting the pumpkins carved. (Girls had a bath after dinner and enjoyed joining Isaac and I carving) 

We turned the lights off to preview the pumpkins. Isaac's is in the front on the left, has a faint little smile which is pretty cool. He worked on it a bit more. 

The kids LOVED seeing the pumpkins in the dark. Isaac shouted "it's HALLOWEEN!" And Emma was pointing and oohing. Somehow Mary got a hold of one of the little carvers; Kyle was holding her and felt the point on his chin as we flipped the lights back on. Reminded us of that movie Clue when the lights would go off then back on and the room would be all moved around and someone holding a knife. Haha. 

Isaac and Kyle continued to work on his pumpkin while I put the girls down. 

Here's his final masterpiece. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Soccer #2

It was a gorgeous night and fairly warm for mid-end October. Here are some pictures of this evening. Love how you can see all the colorful trees in the background. 

I still had the wagon in the van from BooZoo with no stroller so we used the wagon to walk around. I was able to keep the girls somewhat occupied with snacks but once they plowed through those they really wanted to be out on the field with Isaac and daddy. 

Giving kisses to each other, their new favorite thing. 

The coach had a couple parents throw on jerseys to jump in the scrimmage game for help. Funny how the jerseys are too big on the kids but super tiny on the adults. 

Isaac lined up for a final kick

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Play!

The weather has been AMAZING! I couldn't believe Monday when I stepped outside. I was expecting it to be chilly and on the cold side but it was actually warm and amazing. So I grabbed the kids and we immediately went out to play in the leaves! Had to get some photos because it's such a fun time!!

leaf play Oct 19th-10 leaf play Oct 19th-11
 leaf play Oct 19th-12 leaf play Oct 19th-13

leaf play Oct 19th-15

leaf play Oct 19th-16

leaf play Oct 19th-26

leaf play Oct 19th-34

leaf play Oct 19th-37

leaf play Oct 19th-39

BooZoo 2015

Last Sunday we attended BooZoo at the Como Zoo. This is our third year attending (2014, 2013) and it's a fun way to spend another night in our costumes. You know me, I love going all out so when Isaac said he wanted to be a lion for Halloween I had to figure out how I could tie that into a family theme. My mom and I (mainly my mom) made a tornado costume back in 2006 when I was doing my internship in Kansas City. The hospital floor I was working at did a Wizard of Oz theme and with most of the costumes being spoken for I decided to be the tornado. So with that in mind I knew we could make this family theme work! When we were home in September I got the tornado costume from my mom and shopped/ordered the rest of the costumes online. I actually found Mary's scarecrow costume on craigslist, same with Isaac's. It's hard to find a small boy's size costume in the animals. That size starts to be all monsters, ninjas, and bad guys. I ordered Emma's tinman costume online and of course it was too big, luckily I was able to exchange it and it arrived just in time before the weekend. I finally was able to find a non-sexy Dorothy costume at a local Halloween store, but ended up returning it after trying it on at home and could barely fit my head through the neck hole. Was able to find same costume a little bigger at a different store for $10 cheaper! So after a few weeks of costume shuffle we finally had our ensemble! Oh I did alter Isaac's costume a bit, it was simba from the lion king but we wanted it to have a mane so I got some dark brown fabric and added that to the headpiece making it what you see here.

And since we were Wizard of Oz we had to fill Isaac in on the whole story. Instead of having him watch the movie, which could be a little scary I found a great book online and ordered it. It's a condensed version of the story with pictures from the movie. It was perfect and a few nights I was able to pull up video clips on YouTube and we'd watch the clips along with reading the story, so he could hear the songs. I think he'd be ready to watch the movie now that he knows what to expect. He actually likes the part with the wicked witch. His favorite part is the guy at the door of the emerald city.

And for an added finishing touch Isaac and I painted some cardboard to turn our wagon into a yellow brick road. We were the talk of the night at BooZoo and had our picture taken by strangers a number of times :-P

We arrived just about when the gates opened at 4:30 and changed into our costumes by the van. I was hoping to get a photo of all three kids but that is pretty much impossible these days so single photos have to do.
ZooBoo 2015-1

ZooBoo 2015-4 ZooBoo 2015-5

No idea what Isaac is doing here...
ZooBoo 2015-7

ZooBoo 2015-11

We had to wait in the long line again. Luckily unlike last year when we went on a Saturday night, the line wasn't quite as long. But the girls were not digging sitting in the wagon in the line.


Once we got moving and they got to munch on goodies from their basket they were good.
ZooBoo 2015-12

ZooBoo 2015-16

Attempt at all three again... you see how this ends up
ZooBoo 2015-18

ZooBoo 2015-19

Isaac checking out the fire truck and a glimpse at the man in the yellow hat. When we pulled up Kyle remarked "I don't see any other adults in costume" I pointed out one and he said "I think that's a volunteer" lol. Adult participation was a little lacking, but Isaac enjoyed the man in the yellow hat and his son in his arms as Curious George.
ZooBoo 2015-22

Munchin carrots
ZooBoo 2015-25

ZooBoo 2015-27

ZooBoo 2015-31

ZooBoo 2015-34

Moving onto the apple:
ZooBoo 2015-36

Emma kept handing it to me saying "UH!" (because that it their thing now, grunts and screeches to communicate) I kept telling her to take a bite then she hand it back with a screech saying "CUT IT UP FOR ME!" finally I took a bite and told her "See just eat it" that made sense to her and the rest is history. She ended up eating the ENTIRE thing minus two seeds I was able to pluck off her chin.
ZooBoo 2015-38

ZooBoo 2015-40

Stopping for a quick treat break
ZooBoo 2015-43

ZooBoo 2015-48

ZooBoo 2015-49

ZooBoo 2015-50

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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