Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Arboretum Picnic

We drove out to the arboretum yesterday to have a picnic and see all the scarecrows. It was a quick visit but felt good to be outside.

We drove the 3 mile drive first to check out the fall colors. Turns out they aren't really there yet. A few trees had changed but not enough to really stand out. Then we stopped and had a picnic before checking out the scarecrows. Isaac was too excited to see the scarecrows so he didn't eat his lunch... which in turn made him difficult to deal with.

My main goal was to get a good photo of the kids. They made this extremely difficult! They would not sit or stand by each other near the pumpkins...
oct 4th arb-2

oct 4th arb-7

oct 4th arb-8

I was able to get some cute photos of them individual (well not Isaac)
oct 4th arb-6

oct 4th arb-4

Then they were running around the corn patch... so I gave up with the group photo and attempted to just get them being crazy.
oct 4th arb-11

oct 4th arb-12

oct 4th arb-13

oct 4th arb-17

Mary's dimple stands out here:
oct 4th arb-18

After we corralled them out of the corn stalks we made our way over to the little building made of pumpkins
oct 4th arb-30

They had more destructive fun as they all attempted to scatter the squashes everywhere
oct 4th arb-23

oct 4th arb-25

oct 4th arb-27

oct 4th arb-29

Here were some of the scarecrows on display:
oct 4th arb-31

oct 4th arb-32

oct 4th arb-35

oct 4th arb-36

Then Mary discovered some signs in the open field and had to attempt to tear them apart
oct 4th arb-38

oct 4th arb-39

Kyle tried to distract them with grasshoppers:
oct 4th arb-46

Emma got to hold one, then we had to take it away from her as she tried to rip it's legs off
oct 4th arb-69

Isaac was pretty happy to be holding one as well.
oct 4th arb-70

oct 4th arb-47

They played in the tall grass:
oct 4th arb-76

oct 4th arb-81

oct 4th arb-78

We did finally manage to get them all to SIT by each other and I did get some pretty cute ones of them
oct 4th arb-51

oct 4th arb-54

oct 4th arb-55

oct 4th arb-57a

oct 4th arb-62

oct 4th arb-66

Kyle and I had enough chasing for one afternoon so we loaded them up and headed home. It was a gorgeous day, a little chill in the air but it was perfect for fall. The sky was amazing.

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