Friday, October 30, 2015

Ar-BOO-retum & Pumpkin Carving

We went out to the arboretum today for some of their Halloween festivities. 

We started off inside, Isaac got a piece of candy from the front desk and then we went upstairs for story time. 

Emma was pretty into listening to the story. 

Then we went back downstairs for the craft activity and trick-or-treated for an apple in the gift shop. 

The craft was leaf pounding a flag. Pretty cool how the colors bled through to the fabric. 

We were all pretty warm so we went outside over to the pumpkin hill with the pumpkin house and big scarecrows. After being outside for a while we were cold so we headed back inside to have our picnic lunch. 

We ate our packed lunch then went out to see the rest of the scarecrows. 

Minions & Dr Gru

The girls fell asleep on the way home. Once we got home we prepared our pumpkins for carving. I tried to get them to play in the seeds but they weren't really interested in getting messy. Although they were very intently looking in the pumpkins. 

We broke for dinner once Kyle got home then picked back up on getting the pumpkins carved. (Girls had a bath after dinner and enjoyed joining Isaac and I carving) 

We turned the lights off to preview the pumpkins. Isaac's is in the front on the left, has a faint little smile which is pretty cool. He worked on it a bit more. 

The kids LOVED seeing the pumpkins in the dark. Isaac shouted "it's HALLOWEEN!" And Emma was pointing and oohing. Somehow Mary got a hold of one of the little carvers; Kyle was holding her and felt the point on his chin as we flipped the lights back on. Reminded us of that movie Clue when the lights would go off then back on and the room would be all moved around and someone holding a knife. Haha. 

Isaac and Kyle continued to work on his pumpkin while I put the girls down. 

Here's his final masterpiece. 

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