Wednesday, October 7, 2015

First day of preschool

I'm a little late getting this posted, only about a month. Isaac started preschool this year. Well it's a 2.5 hour program twice a week. It's in the same building he had sibling care last year when the girls and I went to ECFE so he is familiar with the building and used to being in a class without me. He loves it. I felt a little insensitive because it didn't seem like that big of a deal to me... maybe when he starts kindergarten I will be a little more emotional. This is year one of two for preschool. And frankly it's GREAT! Having that short break from him makes me a better mom and makes our time together that much better.

I got my  camera out to take a couple pictures of him before we left the house. He wanted me to take a photo of him putting his shoes on :-P
first day of preschool-1 first day of preschool-3

He was standing by the door ready while the girls still finished breakfast. He was a little excited.
first day of preschool-4

first day of preschool-5

first day of preschool-7

first day of preschool-11

Parking was (and is everyday) nuts due to everyone dropping off. We happen to park by our good friends and it was nice to get a picture of the boys together before we walked in.

We walked in and everyone of course was getting pictures of their kids. It was cute.

Had to get a picture of the whole gang. This is what my Tuesday and Thursdays look like, twice a day two times a week. I count it as my workout hauling 40+ pounds up a flight of stairs.

His locker:

The kids got to jump right into playing when we dropped them off

A friend of mine handed down some girly backpacks and the girls enjoyed getting to wear their own around the house. Such cuties.

This was the next day, just playing around. They kept coming up super close to me so these were the only non-blurry photos from that day. 
sept16 close ups-7

sept16 close ups-9

sept16 close ups-11

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