Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basement Trim & Upstairs Door Trim

Remember many moons ago... back in June I believe when we installed new interior doors? Well we finally got the trim on all the doors tonight!!!
upstairs door trim

Also, last Tuesday I hung the baby's closet door! Yes all by myself :-P
baby room closet

Last Tuesday evening is also when we started on the base trim in the basement, we got about half the basement done. Over in my office nook so we could push the desk back against the wall and around to where the trim started.
Sept27_11 trim

Tonight, like I said, we hung the upstairs door trim and finished off the two doors in the basement. Here's the top of the stair door trim:
Oct4_11 trim 1

And here's a view of the bar and bathroom, trying to get as much view of trim in one shot as I could.
Oct4_11 trim 2

We are SOOO close to being finished. The contractor is coming tomorrow to patch up some spots and nicks in the wall and finish up a few odds and ends. What we have left:

-paint the banister and white touch ups on the trim
-paint the wall touch ups
-put together our new TV stand
-move the bar stuff (beer brewing, drink glasses, etc) into the bar cabinets downstairs

Hip-hip-hooray!! I'll post some overall pictures once we have all the little stuff finished. I think we plan to start painting the banister rails tomorrow.

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