Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yogurt & Berry Mason Jar Snack

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This is my husbands all-time favorite treat! He says he looks forward to it everyday. We have tried it with various other kinds of frozen fruit but they just don't live up to the flavor the mixed berried give.

I picked up these short 16oz mason jars at Target and they are PERFECT for this snack!!! The wide mouth makes it easy to assemble and eat out of. And the pint size is perfect for this combination of food. We keep the homemade granola separate until we're ready to chow down.
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I assemble as many as I can ahead of time so they are ready to grab throughout the week. I usually just do six or so at a time so I end up having to make another batch mid week. These are better than ICE CREAM! I just recently started adding Chia seeds in. They add an extra punch of nutrients and help round out a full orange container when we mix with the granola. (I was using my green container here to measure out berries but it's the same size as a purple and counted as a purple container)


Yogurt & Berry Mason Jar Snack

3/4 cup (or red container full) greek yogurt
1 Tbsp powdered peanut butter
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 cup (or purple container full) frozen mixed berries

Place in small wide mouthed mason jar in order listed, cover and put in fridge until read to eat. Since the berries are frozen I recommend at least a half day or overnight in fridge before eating. But I've eaten as soon as an hour later if needed, the berries just aren't as melted and haven't given off as much juice as it has if you wait a day or two.

Fix  Container Count:
1 red, 1 purple, 1 spoon, 1/2 orange

If you add in 1/4 cup granola that adds: 1 yellow and another 1/2 orange fulfilling your orange container for the day.

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