Monday, July 13, 2015

14 months

The girls are so funny these days and becoming quite the little ladies. Just this past weekend we noticed they are starting to play more. Around the house and at the playgrounds. Friday when we went to the park I noticed I spent less time pulling wood-chips out of their mouths and more time just having fun. They loved the slides and tunnels. They were at the park with Kyle this weekend too and exploring all over.

Walking is now Mary's preferred mode of transportation and Emma just started walking more over the weekend. She started walking a week or so ago but is doing more as of Saturday. They are funny to watch interact, Emma tends to take things from Mary and Mary will then scream bloody murder like someone has cut out her kidney. Luckily she gets over it quickly and moves on to something else. Just has to make sure EVERYONE knows she was not happy about that.

Unfortunately sleeping has taking a turn for the worse, they were doing so well but lately are getting up 2-3 times a night. It's mainly Mary, but when I go in Emma wakes up too. I feed them and they immediately go back to sleep so it's not the worst thing ever and will pass someday. Mary FINALLY has one tooth, so that could also be a reason for interrupted sleep. Emma is getting her 12th tooth.

They don't really like sitting still for their block photos, so here are some action shots. Emma through a crazy fit when I moved her to get Mary's photos, she did NOT want to be away from those blocks. As you can see she loved playing with them.
girls 14 months-4

girls 14 months-7

girls 14 months-12

girls 14 months-13

girls 14 months-31

girls 14 months-33

girls 14 months-35

girls 14 months-36

They just will NOT leave the blocks alone long enough for me to get a photo so I put them on the floor.
girls 14 months-37

Didn't last long.
girls 14 months-42

Isaac wanted to get his blocks out as well, this photo was so cute!
girls 14 months-19

I tried to get Mary in there too, but by the time I set her on the couch and took my steps back to get my camera up to my eye she had made her way off.... stinker
girls 14 months-24

Mary likes to do her own thing a lot of the time, she's a busy bee.
girls 14 months-28

Isaac had TBall again tonight, however he did not take a nap today (he did lay in his bed for two hours though) so his ears weren't working as well. Last week it was cancelled due to rain and the week before was the off week for the fourth so it was good to be back. He is also trying to read, here's a video that Kyle took tonight of them in bed.

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