Thursday, September 7, 2017

State Fair 2017

September 1st
We weren't planning to go to the fair this year. With Isaac starting kindergarten and the new baby, life is just crazy. The closer to Labor Day we got the more I wanted to not miss out on the annual great Minnesota get together. So Friday we decided to go! Kyle had taken the day off and went golfing in the a.m. Isaac gets home from school before 2:30 so we still had the rest of the day. Once the girls were up for nap we loaded up and made our way east to the fair grounds. It was a gorgeous evening and although crowded it was a great time. We decided to park west of the fair grounds, unlike previous years when we park north/east. We wanted to come in by the animal barns since that was one of the main things we wanted to do. 

We stopped into the miracle of birth barn first:

 Then made our way over to the DNR (dept of natural resources) pond next. Mary got to 'kayak' :-) and Isaac and Emma played in the rocks.

We found our first batch of food, not the ice cream but the kids couldn't resist running over to the face board.

Scottish Egg: It was okay, a sausage patty covering a hard boiled egg. Not super amazing but different.

The kids had a pretzel and cheese

Couldn't pass up the pronto pup (corn dog) one of my favorites!

And Kyle and I enjoyed a craft beer flight.

And COOKIES! Sweet Martha's makes about $5 million just from the fair, unbelievable. They really aren't even THAT good, but it's the experience and the mound of cookies in a bucket. This was the first year we got a bucket worth ($16). We figured now that we are a family of six we can handle the mass of cookies, haha. And the kids eat their fair share and we wanted a couple too. That wouldn't happen if we just got the cone of cookies. We got to eat them for the next couple days, def not as good as the fresh batch. And this is how Thomas spent much of his first fair experience :-)

Next Isaac got to do the giant slide all by himself!

We were getting tired, after the slide we stopped to let Thomas have some milks and the kids danced around near a radio booth. Kyle got some food at this point, I don't remember exactly what. Then we made a quick carousel stop


Before hitting some animal barns on the way out.

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