Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grandma Judy's Visit

Grandma Judy came for a visit this past week. We started the first meal off with a visit to a new Greek restaurant. 

Sunday we made it to church and Grandma got to get some Thomas snuggles in during service. (6 weeks)

Then we went bowling after church, Thomas watched from the sidelines.

It was a nice, cheap Sunday afternoon entertainment followed by a free birthday pizza in the restaurant. Sunday evening we went for a walk around our neighborhood. Grandma got a good family photo of us, family of 6!

Monday morning Kyle headed out of town for work and we went to a puppet show at the nature center.

I had my final midwife checkup on Monday after noon then that evening they all played playdough.

Baby chunks. Thomas weighed in at 11lbs 5oz on Monday at the 6 week check up. Gaining about an ounce a day! Chunky monkey, isn't he cute!?

Tuesday morning Isaac, Thomas, and I got up and around bright an early for a playdate with his class. He got to hear a story from his new kindergarten teacher and partake in an art activity at the art studio across from his new school. They made Solar Eclipse art work in honor of the previous days eclipse.

Then we made our way over to St Paul. We had plans to go to the Children's Museum but it was so packed we decided to abort. Instead finding a nearby playground to play at then had Italian lunch at Cosettas.

Wednesday morning the girls had a meet-the-teacher appointment for their new preschool. We were a little early so we went next door to get a puppy dog tail (donut type thing) and coffee. Turns out the teacher sent out the wrong date and it's actually next Wednesday. Appointments were every 15 minutes and we chatted with the family before and after us so lots of people making unnecessary trips. But it was a fun time with just me, Thomas and the girls. And it was a beautiful morning.

Thomas is loving his playmat time.

We attempted a walk to the park after lunch but Isaac biked way ahead of us and the girls were starting to melt down, so we turned around and went home for naps instead. Then after naps we drove to a park for some play time. Here's Emma eating her daily dose of cucumber for snack. She eats about one cucumber a day, lol. Helping us get through our CSA. 

Isaac telling me NOT to take his picture.

Thomas looking around in Grandma's lap.

Mary refused to get in the photo with grandma. Thomas wasn't too happy at first but he cheered up for the last photo. While Isaac was being a stinker putting his finger in his nose and Emma copying.

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