Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thomas (First Month)

About the middle of two weeks I remembered it's probably a good idea to start writing things down because I'm going to forget. These baby days go by so fast.

thomas 3 weeks-12
3 weeks: Thomas is starting to stay awake a little longer during the day maybe two hour stretches one in the morning and one in the evening. Otherwise he is sleeping most the time just waking up to eat and get a diaper change.

4 weeks thomas-1
4 weeks: this past week was a busy week for Thomas. He's growing like a weed and a few days before he turned four weeks he weighed in at 9 1/2 pounds! We are moving out a newborn clothes and out of newborn diapers into size one. We also pulled out the pacifier for when hes upset in the car.

He likes tummy time and moving positions a lot. He doesn't like to be set down and gets pretty cranky when he is tired. He falls right to sleep if he's nursing or being worn but otherwise fights sleep. Except at night, he is a good sleeper at night. He likes being next to a warm body.

I took week photos the first four weeks and will now just be doing month photos. I realized I didn't do week photos for the other kids, haha. Trying to make sure I don't neglect capturing Thomas since he's the fourth. I know there will be something things I miss but can make up for it otherwise, right?

1 month thomas-5

thomas 3 weeks-4

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