Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Catch Up (Pixar & Sculpture Garden)

Wow I don't even remember what dates these were so I had to go look them up. A little behind on blogging, but at least we are still living life, somewhat.... I feel like things are just getting harder and harder. I am hopeful with the arrival of school schedules and fall routines that the groove will settle and feel more normal. Just really struggling at this 6.5 week in mark as a mommy of four. 

July 29th
We made it over to the Science Museum to see the special exhibit of Behind the Science of Pixar. 

The kids really enjoyed the familiarity of the exhibit. Isaac got into some of the science and interactive displays.

Thomas snoozed through it :-) (3 weeks old)

That evening we came home and watched the Incredibles and then Isaac, Thomas, and I went school supply shopping.

While Kyle took the girls fishing. Emma touching a fish for the first time. They didn't actually do the catching of the fish, Kyle said their reactions were too slow, but he caught a few for them. Mary wasn't interested in touching the fish.

August 5th
We finally made it over to the newly remodeled sculpture garden. They took out a lot of the trees so it was pretty sunny and hot even though it was roughly 70 some degrees. HAHA

Here are the kids with the big blue rooster.

I like this Hare on Bell because there is also one in NYC that I've walked by a few times.

Chimes in trees - the one tree still standing.

There was a statue in this big black structure. Isaac peeked in and said "I think it's Jesus!" lol it was funny. You can't go in the structure the doors are blocked off but you can peek in, the kids really enjoyed peeking in.

Iconic spoon & cherry

We went because of a special showing of 'Ants' which was rather interesting. Just three people dressed up as ants and moving around this pillow like 'food' pieces. We met some good friends there so the kids had fun playing/wrestling.

The girls were in Kyle's arms at this point, not too fond of the ants.

Thomas snoozed away, enjoying the heat and outdoors. (4 weeks old)

And here is Thomas and Mary, she loves him SOOOO much! (August 8th 4.5 weeks)

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