Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mini Golf at the Science Museum

Isaac had been asking about mini-golf. I can't remember if it was from seeing the course at the sculpture garden a few weeks ago, or talking to Kyle about golfing. But we looked around for places and decided to go to the Science Museum before the backyard closed on Labor Day, the next day (wow that summer season went fast). It was after naps on Sunday, September 3rd and the backyard closed at 5:00 p.m., well we arrived at the counter about 4:15, she said it'd take about 30 minutes to complete, ha! Maybe if grown adults were playing. Took us a bit longer but with rushing the last few holes we managed to get them all in. 

Helping Thomas putt :-P 

Video of Isaac putting: 

The inside of the museum was open a few more hours so we went inside to explore. The kids really enjoyed doing this running exhibit where they ran against a character on the computer and learned about speed. 


Love Mary's tongue sticking out, haha!


We finished with a much needed visit to a Mexican restaurant and a margarita :-) As you can see, Thomas is NOT a fan of his car seat, which means he's constantly on me when we are out and about.

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