Thursday, September 7, 2017

Isaac's New Bed & Nursery

After searching and searching then finally finding the bunk bed we planned to get, we were at Ikea a few weeks ago and saw this one. Decided against the one we were planning to get and saved many $$ and just got this one which matches his dresser and night stand. Kyle picked it up a couple weeks ago, we got the bottom bed made shortly after than, then I put some of it together here and there when I had a chance. We finally got the top bunk put on, on Friday. He has a few things to accomplish before he gets to sleep on top, but it's a good motivator. And it's ready when the time comes. 


We moved his old bed into Thomas's room, however when Thomas is older the boys will share a room. Here is a photo of the 'nursery' before the twin bed was moved in. I made the vinyl clings back in June. I also got a cute little helm clock that is hanging above the changing table. It ended up being much smaller than it appeared online, but it fits the theme well and tells time so I can't complain. 

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