Monday, June 3, 2019

Three Days of Birthday

Thursday the girls had their five year old well check up. All was well and are doing great! Clean bill of health. They checked their height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing, and they got one vaccine to be up to date for KINDERGARTEN next fall!!. 


Mary sits in the 90% for height and Emma is in the 30th percentile. Both growing at a steady pace and on track for their individuality. 

That night Isaac called me in "Mom! Come take a picture of my mohawk" lol

And Emma's hair was getting crazy long so I gave it a quick trim. She was excited stating that her hair could now grow - grow - grow since it was cut.

Kid's playing in Isaac's room before bed with an ISpy book while I got Thomas down for bed. Kyle had left to go to a hot yoga class.

Of course had to decorate for the girls' birthday the next day. Streamers, balloons, and streamers on their bedroom door. Love making this day super special for them. 

They are FIVE! 

Had to take the traditional birthday photos with their blocks. Had fun hearing their answers for their little board. Both girls wrote their own names on the chalkboard.

It's taken me forever to get this blog posted because I had these photos sitting on my camera and wanted to get them added: 
Mary 5 years old-1

Mary 5 years old-5

Emma 5 years old-2

Emma 5 years old-4

Friday plans were to have lunch with dad at work. Before that we went to Target so they could spend their $15 gift cards. They had fun shopping and had never done that before. We started with the free cookie from the deli, then got hot chocolate.

Thomas was a real trooper patiently waiting as the girls explored the isles. Then we headed out to Kyle's work for a quick lunch in his busy day. 

Was fun seeing five deer out the window while we ate. Then we got home and explored Emma's toy choice. It was a matted up stuffed animal that you had to wash and groom to reveal what it was. Ended up being a bunny. 


Couldn't get it looking much better than this, even after a run in the clothes dryer.

I made them the special birthday cake and they picked the icing colors. Purple and green. Some reason my cake flattened this year. Will have to pay close attention in July when I make it to try and get it to stand upright more.

Girls wanted hotdogs for their dinner so I made homemade hotdogs. Which were actually really good and better than the backup sausages I had also prepared.

When Kyle got home they were super excited to open presents. They got to do two before dinner then the rest after dinner.

Mary not too happy. They both wanted the purple candle five, but we switched it from what they had Saturday at their party to be fair.

She didn't stay upset for long.

After cake it was time for presents.

Emma 5 years old-4

Girls 5th birthday big presents-4

Girls 5th birthday big presents-5

Grandma Cindy sent these fun colored hair pieces, they loved them!

Grandpa Les sent these fun little backpacks:

We were waiting to facetime with Grandma Judy for the big presents she sent. Photo time in the meantime.

They opened it and LOVED the dollhouse from Grandma Judy and Uncle Brad. It was their cousins so even more special. 

Even Thomas loved playing with it. Kept them busy the rest of the night. We moved it into their room just before bed.

But then the next morning Mary insisted it be moved into our room so she could play while we worked out. It still resides there... 

Saturday we did our kid date. We started this last year and I wanted to do each one separetly for a one to two date with just one girl and me and Kyle. But we couldn't find a sitter for long so we had to take them both together which they were fine with. We picked them up from art class and went to eat and bowl at Bryant Lake Bowl. This is where Mary went last year and they both requested to return. Mary remembered the pancakes and really wanted them :-) They were so tired when we picked them up, luckily food helped perk them up. 

Lots of fun bowling. I ended up winning! Yah I had two strikes. Emma even got a spare!

So fun, it was kinda chilly but we had a little bit of time to spare so we went over to the park and played for just a bit. The girls loved getting all our attention. We finished with a swing in the made for two swings. 

Great few days celebrating these girls! They have so much joy, so much energy, so much love bundled into their little bodies! 

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